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We almost have it.

See here

Having audio book support in XBMC has been a sort of holy grail for me.

I am partially disabled and spend a lot of time listening to audio books, it would be just brilliant to be able to do so in my living room. Obviously the facility to resume playback/bookmark is essential. I did get XBMC to play an .m4b file but with no bookmarking.

If it happens I would love it

i love this idea to
+1 to this idea.

Not only would I like to see resume enabled, we (ok, I) desperately need a StepForward/StepBack function in the music player. While I don't listen to a lot of audiobooks, I do crank my share of podcasts and the ff/rew is not well suited to long audio files.

Would love to pitch in any way I can to get this working (beta testing or otherwise). Hopefully the demand is sufficient to get this on the roadmap Wink

+1, Different Bookmarking System in each audiobook folder.
Any update on this? I am looking forward to this inclusion too
This only a bump due to new forum software not showing the old threads
I guess no progress for 3 years or did I missed something?
- support for audio books (m4b, mka, mp3)
- chapter browsing
- resume points
- very basic library integration

all of this is implemented (granted, in its most basic form) in my fork. somebody just needs to take the code and mainline it.
Oh wow, Necro thread. But I don't mind. I still want it.

At this point I feel the normal ID3 tagging system can do almost all off the image and book description now. I tend to convert all my audiobooks to FLAC (not the best for data size I know but it works) and then edit the tracks and so on. The only think missing really is a new library as in we have "Music" and we have "TV Shows" and "Movies". You can pull off the library part right now with smart playlists. But it's not the same. Skins views just always seem to never be the same and It does not remove the audiobook albums from the main music library. So that is one part. The 2nd is audio track resume. Some tracks in a audiobook can be hours long. And unless you have taken the time to convert and split/edit the audio file yourself. You are forever fast forwarding to the point that you last stopped playing if you don't have a keyboard and mouse close by. (side note I have leaned to get around that issue by using the android remote to move to any point in an audio track, but not every has a smart phone or tablet to do that with).

Anyway. One does still hold out hope for this at some point.
(2015-03-06, 11:19)Oddsodz Wrote: Anyway. One does still hold out hope for this at some point.

Ironic_monkey has already done most of the coding work, the team is aware so hopefully someone will pick it up.

Its an obvious feature for a media center really.
Just want to express that I really would like to see native support for audiobooks in Kodi!

I have my audiobooks folders/files setup quite similar to music but in a separate main folder. Although I could had add both main folders (music and audiobooks) to Kodi I just just don't like them all to be mixed up under one Home-menu item. I keep my fingers pressed future Kodi versions will support this feature!
Repeating what I wrote in another thread a while back regarding features needed for good support for audiobooks (and other non-music audio content); some of the points haven't been discussed here yet:

Quote:Non-Music audio content in general is completely overlocked in Kodi. Some of the things we need for proper support for these content types:

1) New library content types for non-music audio content; Audiobook and Podcast being the two key ones.
2) Chapter support for containers that support it, such as m4b, ogg and mka
3) Flattening of multi-file audio books, similar to what is done for multi-part movies. A book should only be a single library entry no matter if it contains multiple files or not
4) Resume position should be for the entire book, even spanning multiple files, instead of per-file
5) Crossfading should be disabled for non-music audio content (I have made a separate feature request for disabling it for certain genres, but it should also be disabled for any new library content types, http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=217241)
6) Variable playback speed
7) Support for sets. Like movies with sequels, books that are part of a series should have the option to be grouped into a set.
@ironic_monkey: sounds great Smile
@sialivi: uff long list even if I agree to most of them, in my opinion the first version with audio book support doesn't need all of these. I guess many ppl would be already happy with very basic features. Mark as listened, resume points and scrapers. And less basic stuff in later versions Wink
Scrapers are not really needed. And also if you want a scraper. You are going to have to go setup a website for it. That is a lot of time, work and cost. Where as the "Comments" ID3 tag in most audio file formats can handle a book description that you would get from a scraper.

"Album Artist" ID3 tag can be the book author
"Track Artist" ID3 tag can be the book narator/narators/actors
"Album" ID3 tag can be just the book title just like it is for music.
"Comments" ID3 tag is for the book synopsis. Or other info you feel should go there.
"Track Title" ID3 can be just part 1, Part 2 and so on. But if you happen to edit the audio file yourself you could have chapters names. Just make sure you have set the "Track Number" ID3 tag to the right order.
"Genre" ID3 tag is listed as "Audiobook"

That's how I have my MP3 and FLAC audiobooks files setup with regards to ID3 tagging. It's a system that is working for me for now. The best bit is. Due to how the "Artist Slideshow" plugin works. I have made extra folders in my music folder structure so as the have an "extrafanart" folder so that when I have audiobook playing. I can hit "tab" and have the music visualization running plus artwork from that author.

z:/Music/Gun 'N' Roses
z:/Music/Daft Punk
z:/Music/J R R Tolkien
z:/Music/J R R Tolkien/extrafanart/someimages.jpg
z:/Music/J R R Tolkien/extrafanart/someimages2.jpg
z:/Music/J R R Tolkien/extrafanart/whatsomeimages.jpg
z:/Music/George R. R. Martin/extrafanart/someimages.jpg
z:/Music/George R. R. Martin/extrafanart/23342someimages.jpg
z:/Music/George R. R. Martin/extrafanart/someimages44234.jpg
z:/Music/Terry Pratchett/extrafanart/someimages.jpg
z:/Music/Terry Pratchett/extrafanart/someimagedfsdsdfs.jpg
z:/Music/Terry Pratchett/extrafanart/someimagesdddddddddddddddddddddd.jpg

But the audio files themselves are not in my music folder. They are tucked away on another drive. That I have also added to the audio library.

Hope this helps a few folks with how to manage their audiobooks untill we get lucky ;-)
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