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[RELEASE] Rapier 3.06
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The goal is to provide a simple but elegant interface that emphasizes efficiency when browsing your media. Important considerations are put on usability, performance, and providing the user with flexibility when it comes to customization. Rapier supports the latest XBMC features and new ones will be added in the future as long as it fits in with Rapier’s design goals.


- Custom backgrounds for every category
- Fanart support
- Media flagging support for every view including the video player
- Support for studio logos
- Horizontal navigation system
- Mouse friendly design
- Uses the latest XBMC features for smoother animations and scrolling
- Flexible customization via skin settings


Missing studio logos can be added in media/studios folder. They will need to be renamed exactly to how it would show up in movie/tv show information for them to work correctly.


Rapier v3.06 (03-Jan-10)

* home: fixed when favourites dialog is activated via remote or keyboard and the current focused category is anything other than general, the general focus image appears and overlaps the current focus image
* general: replaced fonts that caused an increase in cpu usage making the skin sluggish in some areas
* gui: readjusted some layouts to look good with the newly added fonts
* general: new setting to show the database path, useful for editing submenu buttons

Rapier v3.0 (02-Jan-10)

* views: fixed studio icon not showing for movies wrap info view
* views: new sort by runtime option in menu bar for movies
* general: fixed after reloading the skin via shutdown menu, the menu will not appear again until xbmc is restarted
* general: updated breadcrumbs, they now more acurately reflect what node you are in
* gui: updated breadcrumb graphics
* gui: updated top bar graphics
* gui: updated menu bar graphics
* gui: modified bottom panel graphics
* gui: modified player control panel graphics
* gui: modified info panel label colours
* gui: fixed context menu texture alignment problem
* gui: updated dialog box graphics
* gui: updated radio button graphics
* gui: updated button graphics
* gui: updated fullscreen player seek bar graphics
* gui: modified some navigation sounds
* home: modified the order of the menu categories, videos now has the default focus
* general: fixed BackgroundDim include causing warnings in debug log
* general: modified dimensions of background art, visualisation, and video to conform to 16:9 aspect ratio
* views: modified cover border size for some views
* fullscreen player: new show finish time for videos
* fullscreen player: rearranged some labels
* home: new option for advanced home menu, clicking a category will bring up a sub menu with more options
* home: new option to customize the category sub menus
* home: removed sliding focus animation from sub menus
* gui: updated fonts for better unicode support
* views: updated layout and graphics for wide icon view
* views: modified item focus animation for movies fanart view
* views: new option to toggle fanart for episodes node
* music: fixed shuffle and repeat menu bar button not working in playlist window
* movies: updated media flag video source detection
* views: fixed no option to sort by playlist when in playlist nodes
* gui: moved file browser dialog scrollbar to the right side
* fullscreen player: updated slider dialog
* views: fixed library radio button text not showing in the newer svn builds
* fullscreen player: updated player control osd graphics
* home: new localized menu categories for all available languages
* home: modified the way a menu category has focus
* views: new view option to use posters instead of banners for tv show covers
* general: new music karaoke functionality
* general: new option to use artist fanart for background instead of visualization when music is playing
* general: new toggle background dim when video is playing
* views: new 3 view styles for wrap info view: 3d wrap list, flat list, and small flat list
* gui: modified control area panel graphics
* views: modified movies wrap info view media labels
* views: modified item focus animation for wrap info view small wrap list style
* views: new wrap info view for albums
* fullscreen player: fixed positioning of visualization select control
* home: removed icon shake animation when submenu is opening
* general: removed program button in settings
* general: fixed text not showing up in some scripts
* gui: new option to change the top bar from 4 differen't selections
* general: fixed menu bar is hidden in weather window when option to hide the media menu bar is selected in skin settings
* gui: removed 2 default background colour styles red and green
* gui: new default background image added to selection along with 2 colour styles black and blue
* gui: new option to change default background from 4 differen't selections
* home: new play disc button shows on the system tray when a disc is detected
* home: increased system tray area width
* views: fixed hide label option wasn't working for big icon view
* gui: updated buttons for settings and skin settings windows
* home: new option to use custom icons for each category
* general: new system info window
* general: new busy dialog
* general: new mpaa rating flags for all movie views and when looking up movie information
* gui: updated no focus button graphics
* music: new singles library option on top menu bar
* views: removed view options from skin settings window
* views: new view options drop down menu in media windows, shows context-sensitive settings for each view
* views: new list info 2 view for albums, movies, tv shows, and episodes
* views: new 3 view styles for list info 2: classic list, banner list, and icon panel
* views: new view option to use full plot instead of plot outline for movies
* views: new wall view for movies and albums
* views: new view option to disable cover dim for thumbnails view
* general: moved 'hide bottom pane white highlight' option from general to home section
* views: new view option to hide list shadow for wrap info view
* general: updated info panel labels in settings window
* gui: fixed 'add source' dialog bottom option buttons not positioned properly when in windows other than video files
* general: decreased screen dim when dialog or pop down menu is visible
* music: updated star rating graphics
* music: decreased size of star rating image in info panel and song info window
* general: modified settings profile window view
* music: fixed music now playing window default menu bar does not slide up when looking up song information
* general: new option to animate the custom backgrounds
* views: new view option to animate the fanart
* gui: updated player control focus buttons to be more noticeable
* gui: decreased the size of play, pause, and stop player control buttons
* gui: modified font styles, sizes, and colours
* general: added dialog boxes around information in weather window
* general: removed screen dim from weather window
* general: redesigned the credits window
* player: new rating flag for movies
* views: fixed sort order option in menu bar could not be reached
* views: increased width of some menu bar buttons
* general: fixed avatar alignment issues in login screen window
* gui: new skin theme colours available red, green, and orange

Download: Rapier v3.06








More Screenshots...
Best skin got even better ! Thanks, scarfa !
Very much appreciated. Rapier Is my skin of choice Big Grin
Possible bug: I have "Favorites" mapped on the blue button of a mce remote. Here what's happening when i press it...

Galefury Wrote:Possible bug: I have "Favorites" mapped on the blue button of a mce remote. Here what's happening when i press it...


Heres the fix.

Overwrite the file in Rapier/720p with this.
Thanks, it worked. It wasn't a big deal, I just thought if it's a bug, you might wanna know, to fix it.
I have a small request, though. Is it possible that submenus for movies and tvshows to appear only when you press Up or Down and not how is it now ? Because I dont' use them very often and to access movies (and tvshows) I have to press each time twice. I hope it makes sense. Thanks.
thank UUU!!!!!!

this skin just keeps getting better and better!!!

nice going!
XBMC on HTPC with Ubuntu 12.04 connected to Amahi Home Server 750GB+1TB storage.
XBMC is probably the best thing that ever happened to me...!!! You people Rock!!!

HTPC: MB: Asus P5N7A-VM DDR: 2 x 1 GB Kingston CPU: Intel Core2DUO E8400 @ 3,0 GHz Coller: Scythe Shuriken
Congrats on the new release - looks great.

Not sure if this could get into v3 or maybe somthing for v4 - but is it possible to think "touch" a bit more into the skin? (one click only so left mouse button)
It works pretty well as it is but it could get tweaked a bit. For instance - the left/right buttons in the home scroll they are tiny.
Why not let them fill the bottom left/right part of the scroll? And scrollbars could also use an updown icon but placed like the scroll arows on a mac.
(both in the same part of the scrollbar) Menus are not easy with one touch either and finally It is nice with the breadcrum bar but last I checked you can only click on the home icon.


Question for you concerning the submenu options in 3. What is the correct formatting for the submenu parameters as far as categories go. I'm having a few issues at the moment trying to format it correctly I think.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
I have 3 folders right now spread across 2 hard drives.
1 is called TV Shows
1 is called Shows
1 is called Anime

I want to do a submenu with two buttons.
First simply labeled as TV shows. I set the label as such.
I set the parameter as TV Shows since that's what the category is defined as, but it doesn't show up anything.
The second button I set as Anime and set the parameter to the anime folder.

Anime shows up fine, though I still haven't figured out why no fanart ever seems to show up. Not the main issue though...

Nothing under the TV shows submenu button shows up. I've set the category as TV shows but it just loads up Video>Library and nothing in it. I've checked and both tv show folders are listed, content is set correctly. Now, if I set the parameter to one of the show folders it works. But since I have two show folders that I want to be merged in the view under one button that isn't exactly what I need.

Anyway, is there a way to do this that I'm not doing correctly? And at the same time I'm trying to avoid having the anime folder's contents mixed in with the rest of the regular TV shows' contents.
Great to see the playlist view is now available Smile , alot of new features as well although the new font will take some getting used to(looks a bit stretched @1080p).
Thanks for another great release Big Grin
scarfa Wrote:Heres the fix.

Overwrite the file in Rapier/720p with this.

Hi Scarfa,
awesome work!

another thiny bug: season thumbs disappear with other than English language.
Config: ATV 2.3
XBMC 9.11
Rapier 3

To reproduce:
1. select languange in SYSTEM: other than English (used Hungarian and Danish)
2. go to TVSHOWS: (Wide Icon for me), select a show
3. SEASONS view appear: (LIST view for me) ----> PROBLEM DETECTED: seasons listed but witouth season thumbs

Going back and set English in SYSTEM->SETTINGS->INTERNATIONAL --- language cures it. SEASONS thumbs are back and presented as they should.

cheers, sircube
You can delete this post, sorry put it in the wrong thread..
Alright, figured out part of my issue.
The parameter needs to be set as TVShows not TV Shows.

The submenu works to a degree now, however for some reason when I use the advanced controls to set the submenu, my normal TV shows won't default to title view. It goes into the root mode that then lets me select between title, genre, year, etc. Trying to set it as default won't stick. It'll work for a few tries then I'll go back in and it'll be back to the root. And everytime XBMC is restarted it defaults back. It won't stay as Title view.

However, if I go back to the simple mode, it goes right back into title view no problems. And it stays like that. I'm not sure what file I would have to edit to make sure it stayed like that or even where to look. But it's something that's kind of weird to me and a bit annoying.
Not sure if I posted this in the right spot or not.

I found a bug, the blue scheme for the top bar looks just like the black one.

I got the latest version as of 7pm Central Time USA
I think I found another one.

How are we supposed to add sources to our music libraries? I can input or browse to the location, give it a name, but there is no save button or ok or anything.
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