Rapier 3.06 - Translations

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Exclamation  Rapier 3.06 - Translations
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If you can translate, please make the effort to post it here for the benefit of others. Make sure to indicate what Rapier version the translation applies to. Once I've compiled enough, I'll include them in the next update.

Rapier v3.06 - added string: 31081
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Rapier 3.06 http://www.deviantart.com/download/13731..._tvnca.zip

Language file :Finnish.xml
Finnish strings:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <!-- Translator: Mika Pirinen -->
  <!-- Date of translation: 4/1/2009 -->
  <!-- Finnish strings for Rapier skin 3.06-->

<string id="31000">Ei saatavilla</string>
<string id="31300">Viimeksi päivitetty</string>
<string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
<string id="31302">Lisäosat</string>
<string id="31303">Viimeksi lisätyt</string>
<string id="31304">Tiedot</string>
<string id="31305">Emulaattorit</string>
<string id="31306">Apuohjelmat</string>
<string id="31307">Taustat</string>
<string id="31308">Piirretyt</string>
<string id="31200">Kelaus eteenpäin</string>
<string id="31201">Kelaus taaksepäin</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">Kuvake</string>
<string id="31104">Suuri kuvake</string>
<string id="31105">Lista</string>
<string id="31106">Tiedot kiertolista</string>
<string id="31107">Pienoiskuvat</string>
<string id="31108">Leveä kuvake</string>
<string id="31110">Fanitaide</string>
<string id="31111">Tiedot</string>
<string id="31112">Tiedot 2</string>
<string id="31113">Seinä</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">Media</string>
<string id="31014">Palauta asetukset</string>
<string id="31999">Paina tästä palautaaksesi ulkoasun oletusasetukset</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">Piilota alaosan ohjepaneeli</string>
<string id="31024">Piilota alapaneelin valkea korostus</string>
<string id="31025">Piilota vierityspalk</string>
<string id="31026">Näytä sää yläpalkissa</string>
<string id="31027">Älä himmennä kun ikkuna on näkyvillä</string>
<string id="31028">Vaihda yläpalkin väriä</string>
<string id="31029">Harmaa</string>
<string id="31030">Musta</string>
<string id="31031">Sininen</string>
<string id="31032">Valkea</string>
<string id="31034">Pehmeä</string>
<string id="31035">Raidat</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31042">Piilota selite</string>
<string id="31042">Piilota nimet</string>
<string id="31043">Piilota fanitaide</string>
<string id="31044">Piilota juoni</string>
<string id="31045">Piilota kansi</string>
<string id="31046">Piilota peitekuva</string>
<string id="31047">Älä himmennä fanitaidetta</string>
<string id="31048">Piilota mediatunnukset</string>
<string id="31049">Piilota studiotunnukset</string>
<string id="31050">Vaihda kohdistuspaikkaa</string>
<string id="31400">Piilota asetus-valikko (Näkyy vain valittuna)</string>
<string id="31401">Ei juonen autom. vieritystä</string>
<string id="31402">Piilota DVD-kotelo</string>
<string id="31404">Käytä juliste kuvia</string>
<string id="31405">Musiikkia kuunnellaan</string>
<string id="31406">Videoita katsellaan</string>
<string id="31407">Käytä visualisointeja taustassa</string>
<string id="31408">Käytä esittäjän fanitaidetta taustassa</string>
<string id="31409">Musiikin visualisointi / esittäjän fanitaide taustassa</string>
<string id="31410">Videon toisto käytössä taustassa</string>
<string id="31411">Litteä kierto</string>
<string id="31412">Pieni litteä kierto</string>
<string id="31413">3D kierto</string>
<string id="31414">Piilota mediatiedot</string>
<string id="31415">Piilota albumin kotelo</string>
<string id="31416">Älä vieritä selitettä</string>
<string id="31417">Bannerilista</string>
<string id="31418">Perinteinen lista</string>
<string id="31419">Kuvakepaneeli</string>
<string id="31420">Näytä koko juoni</string>
<string id="31421">Piilota kiertolistan varjo</string>
<string id="31422">Kaikki</string>
<string id="31423">Tyyli</string>
<string id="31424">Älä himmennä kansikuvaa</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">Käytä ainoastaan päävalikossa</string>
<string id="31052">Käytä kaikissa</string>
<string id="31061">Ikkunoissa</string>
<string id="31053">Oma taustat</string>
<string id="31054">Kuvan polku</string>
<string id="31055">Vaihtuvan kuvan polku</string>
<string id="31056">Käytä yksittäistä kuvaa taustassa</string>
<string id="31057">Käytä vaihtuvaa kuvaa taustassa</string>
<string id="31060">Himmennä tausta</string>
<string id="31062">Ei käytössä päävalikossa</string>
<string id="31063">Animoitu fanitaide</string>
<string id="31064">Animoitu tausta</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">Piilota nämä kategoriat</string>
<string id="31071">Piilota nyt toistetaan musiikilla</string>
<string id="31072">Piilota nyt toistetaan videoilla</string>
<string id="31074">Piilota kategorian kuvakkeet</string>
<string id="31075">Näytä navigointi-painikkeet (Hiiren käyttäjille)</string>
<string id="31076">Perus päävalikko</string>
<string id="31077">Laajennettu päävalikko</string>
<string id="31078">Omat kategorian kuvakkeet</string>
<string id="31079">Käytä kategorian kuvakkeita</string>
<string id="31080">Kuvakkeen polku</string>
<string id="31088">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 1</string>
<string id="31089">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 2</string>
<string id="31090">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 3</string>
<string id="31091">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 4</string>
<string id="31092">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 5</string>
<string id="31093">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 6</string>
<string id="31094">Muokkaa alivalikon painiketta 7</string>
<string id="31095">Asetus täytyy olla mukautetulle sijainnille, kategorialle tai videoiden polulle</string>
<string id="31096">Asetus</string>
<string id="31097">Asetus kenttä täytyy olla muodossa "Ikkuna,Hakemisto,Paluu"</string>
<string id="31098">"Hakemisto" ja "Paluu" asetus ovat valinnaisia</string>
<string id="31099">Asetus täytyy olla mukautetulle sijainnille, kategorialle tai videokirjaston polulle</string>
<string id="31100">Asetus täytyy olla mukautetulle sijainnille, kategorialle tai musiikin polulle</string>
<string id="31101">Asetus täytyy olla mukautetulle sijainnille, kategorialle tai kuvien polulle</string>
<string id="31102">Asetus täytyy olla mukautetulle sijainnille, kategorialle tai ohjelmien polulle</string>
<string id="31600">Tämä painike on mukautetulle sijainnille</string>
<string id="31601">Tämä painike on sisäänrakennetulle kategorialle tai tietokannan polulle</string>
<string id="31081">Näytä tietokannan polku tietopaneelissa (Löydät kirjastokansion polun)</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">Yleiset, Päävalikko, Media, Taustat, Skriptit</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">Näytä OpenSubtitles kuvaruutuvalikossa (Skripti täytyy olla asennettu)</string>

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This is a Norwegian translation:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
  <!-- Translator: Anders Aase Martinsen ([email protected]) -->
  <!-- Missing: Some strings are not perfect-->
  <!-- Date of translation: 3/1/2010, updated 16.01.2010 -->
  <!-- Norwegian strings for Rapier skin 3.06-->

<string id="31000">Utilgjengelig</string>
<string id="31300">Sist oppdatert</string>
<string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
<string id="31302">Utvidelser</string>
<string id="31303">Sist lagt til</string>
<string id="31304">Informasjon</string>
<string id="31305">Emulatorer</string>
<string id="31306">Programmer</string>
<string id="31307">Backgrunner</string>
<string id="31308">Tegneserier</string>
<string id="31200">Spol fremover</string>
<string id="31201">Spol bakover</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">Ikon</string>
<string id="31104">Store ikoner</string>
<string id="31105">Liste</string>
<string id="31106">Slå sammen informasjon</string>
<string id="31107">Miniatyrbilde</string>
<string id="31108">Bredt ikon</string>
<string id="31110">Fanart</string>
<string id="31111">Liste med info</string>
<string id="31112">Liste med info 2</string>
<string id="31113">Vegg</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">Media</string>
<string id="31014">Nullstill innstillinger</string>
<string id="31999">Nullstill skinnets innstillinger (Trykk for å bekrefte)</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">Skjul bunnlinjen</string>
<string id="31024">Skjul bunnlinjens hvite skygge</string>
<string id="31025">Skjul rullelinje</string>
<string id="31026">Vis været på topplinjen</string>
<string id="31027">Ikke dim skjermen når en dialogboks er synlig</string>
<string id="31028">Endre fargen på topplinjen</string>
<string id="31029">Grå</string>
<string id="31030">Svart</string>
<string id="31031">Blå</string>
<string id="31032">Hvit</string>
<string id="31034">Myk</string>
<string id="31035">Stripe</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31041">Skjul beskrivelse</string>
<string id="31042">Skjul merker</string>
<string id="31043">Skjul Fanart</string>
<string id="31044">Skjul handling</string>
<string id="31045">Skjul cover</string>
<string id="31046">Skjul overlegg</string>
<string id="31047">Ikke dim fanart</string>
<string id="31048">Skjul mediaflagg</string>
<string id="31049">Skjul studioflagg</string>
<string id="31050">Endre fokusposisjon</string>
<string id="31400">Skjul toppvalg menylinje (Bare vis når valgt)</string>
<string id="31401">Ikke rull handlingen</string>
<string id="31402">Skjul cover</string>
<string id="31404">Bruk plakatcover</string>
<string id="31405">Musikkavspilling</string>
<string id="31406">Videoavspilling</string>
<string id="31407">Bruk musikkvisualisering som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31408">Bruke artist fanart som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31409">Aktiver musikkvisualisering / Artist fanart som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31410">Aktiver videoavspilling som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31411">Flat Wrap</string>
<string id="31412">Small Flat Wrap</string>
<string id="31413">3D Wrap</string>
<string id="31414">Skjul mediainfo dialogen</string>
<string id="31415">Skjul cover</string>
<string id="31416">Ikke rull beskrivelsen</string>
<string id="31417">Bannerliste</string>
<string id="31418">Klassisk liste</string>
<string id="31419">Ikonpanel</string>
<string id="31420">Vis hele handlingen</string>
<string id="31421">Skjul Wrap List Shadow</string>
<string id="31422">Alle</string>
<string id="31423">Stil</string>
<string id="31424">Ikke dim cover</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">Aktiver kun på hjemmevinduet</string>
<string id="31052">Aktiver på alle</string>
<string id="31061">Vinduer</string>
<string id="31053">Tilpassede bakgrunner</string>
<string id="31054">Sti til bilde</string>
<string id="31055">Sti til flere bilder</string>
<string id="31056">Vis et enkelt bilde som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31057">Bruk flere bilder som bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31060">Dim bakgrunn</string>
<string id="31062">Gjelder ikke hjemmevinduet</string>
<string id="31063">Animer fanart</string>
<string id="31064">Animer bakgrunn</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">Skjul kategorier</string>
<string id="31071">Skjul "nå spilles" for musikk</string>
<string id="31072">Skjul "nå spilles" for videoer</string>
<string id="31074">Skjul kategoriikoner</string>
<string id="31075">Vis navigasjonsknapper (For brukere av mus)</string>
<string id="31076">Standard hjemmemeny</string>
<string id="31077">Avansert hjemmemeny</string>
<string id="31078">Tilpassede kategori ikoner</string>
<string id="31079">Bruk tilpassede kategori ikoner</string>
<string id="31080">Sti til ikon</string>
<string id="31081">Vis databasestien i infopanelet (Finn stien til en biblioteksmappe)</string>
<string id="31088">Endre undermenyknapp 1</string>
<string id="31089">Endre undermenyknapp 2</string>
<string id="31090">Endre undermenyknapp 3</string>
<string id="31091">Endre undermenyknapp 4</string>
<string id="31092">Endre undermenyknapp 5</string>
<string id="31093">Endre undermenyknapp 6</string>
<string id="31094">Endre undermenyknapp 7</string>
<string id="31095">Parameterfeltet må være en tilpasset kilde, innebygget kategori eller spesiell sti for videoer</string>
<string id="31096">Parameter</string>
<string id="31097">Parameterfeltet må være i formatet "Vindu,Mappe,Retur"</string>
<string id="31098">"Mappe" og "Retur" parameteret er valgfritt</string>
<string id="31099">>Parameterfeltet må være en innebygget kategori eller spesiell sti for videobiblioteket</string>
<string id="31100">Parameterfeltet må være en tilpasset kilde, innebygget kategori eller spesiell sti for musikk</string>
<string id="31101">Parameterfeltet må være en tilpasset kilde, innebygget kategori eller spesiell sti for bilder</string>
<string id="31102">Parameterfeltet må være en tilpasset kilde, innebygget kategori eller spesiell sti for programmer</string>
<string id="31600">Denne knappen tar en tilpasset kilde</string>
<string id="31601">Denne knappen tar en innebygget kategori eller databasesti</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">Generelt, Hjem, Media, Bakgrunner, Skript</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">Vis OpenSubtitles_OSD knapp (Skriptet må være installert)</string>

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about home menu categories in chinese(simple):
I suggest to use four chinese charaters label and use FZCQJW.TTF font. It look better to fit the skin.
label: png file:
常用功能 chinese (simple)-general-text-focus.png
电影强档 chinese (simple)-movies-text-focus.png
音乐无限 chinese (simple)-music-text-focus.png
图片欣赏 chinese (simple)-pictures-text-focus.png
程序扩展 chinese (simple)-programs-text-focus.png
系统设置 chinese (simple)-system-text-focus.png
电视剧集 chinese (simple)-tvshows-text-focus.png
视频浏览 chinese (simple)-videos-text-focus.png

I have made a mod:

Chinese (Simple) translation:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Translator: taxigps -->
<!-- Date of translation: 4/1/2009 -->
<!-- Version: 3.06-->

<!--  string id's 31000 thru 31999 are reserved for skins  -->


<string id="31000">无</string>
<string id="31300">最后更新</string>
<string id="31301">字幕下载OSD</string>
<string id="31302">插件</string>
<string id="31303">最近新增</string>
<string id="31304">信息</string>
<string id="31305">模拟器</string>
<string id="31306">应用</string>
<string id="31307">背景</string>
<string id="31308">漫画</string>
<string id="31200">快进</string>
<string id="31201">快退</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">图标</string>
<string id="31104">大图标</string>
<string id="31105">列表</string>
<string id="31106">卷动信息</string>
<string id="31107">缩略图</string>
<string id="31108">宽图标</string>
<string id="31110">同人画</string>
<string id="31111">列表信息</string>
<string id="31112">列表信息二</string>
<string id="31113">封面墙</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">媒体</string>
<string id="31014">重置设定</string>
<string id="31999">重置皮肤设置为默认值(请确认)</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">隐藏底部信息栏</string>
<string id="31024">隐藏底部白色高光带</string>
<string id="31025">隐藏滚动条</string>
<string id="31026">在顶部显示天气</string>
<string id="31027">显示对话窗时禁止屏幕变暗</string>
<string id="31028">调整顶部信息栏颜色</string>
<string id="31029">灰色</string>
<string id="31030">黑色</string>
<string id="31031">蓝色</string>
<string id="31032">白色</string>
<string id="31034">光滑</string>
<string id="31035">条纹</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31041">隐藏描述</string>
<string id="31042">隐藏标签</string>
<string id="31043">隐藏同人画</string>
<string id="31044">隐藏剧情介绍</string>
<string id="31045">隐藏封面</string>
<string id="31046">隐藏已看标志</string>
<string id="31047">禁止同人画变暗</string>
<string id="31048">隐藏媒体标识</string>
<string id="31049">隐藏出品人标识</string>
<string id="31050">调整焦点定位</string>
<string id="31400">隐藏顶部菜单条(仅当选定时显示)</string>
<string id="31401">禁止滚动剧情介绍</string>
<string id="31402">隐藏DVD盒</string>
<string id="31404">使用海报封面</string>
<string id="31405">音乐播放</string>
<string id="31406">视频播放</string>
<string id="31407">背景显示视觉效果</string>
<string id="31408">背景显示艺术家同人画</string>
<string id="31409">启用音乐视觉效果/艺术家同人画做背景</string>
<string id="31410">启用视频播放做背景</string>
<string id="31411">平铺卷动</string>
<string id="31412">小平铺卷动</string>
<string id="31413">三维卷动</string>
<string id="31414">隐藏媒体信息窗</string>
<string id="31415">隐藏专辑盒</string>
<string id="31416">禁止滚动描述</string>
<string id="31417">横幅列表</string>
<string id="31418">经典列表</string>
<string id="31419">图标面板</string>
<string id="31420">显示完整剧情介绍</string>
<string id="31421">隐藏卷动列表阴影</string>
<string id="31422">全部</string>
<string id="31423">样式</string>
<string id="31424">禁止封面变暗</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">仅对主界面有效</string>
<string id="31052">全部有效</string>
<string id="31061">窗口</string>
<string id="31053">自定义背景</string>
<string id="31054">图片目录</string>
<string id="31055">图片集目录</string>
<string id="31056">使用单图片背景</string>
<string id="31057">使用多图片背景</string>
<string id="31060">背景变暗</string>
<string id="31062">禁止用于主界面</string>
<string id="31063">动态同人画</string>
<string id="31064">动态背景</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">隐藏主菜单项</string>
<string id="31071">隐藏当前播放音乐</string>
<string id="31072">隐藏当前播放视频</string>
<string id="31074">隐藏主菜单图标</string>
<string id="31075">显示导航按钮(供鼠标用户)</string>
<string id="31076">基本主菜单</string>
<string id="31077">高级主菜单</string>
<string id="31078">自定义主菜单图标</string>
<string id="31079">使用自定义主菜单图标</string>
<string id="31080">图标目录</string>
<string id="31088">编辑子菜单按钮1</string>
<string id="31089">编辑子菜单按钮2</string>
<string id="31090">编辑子菜单按钮3</string>
<string id="31091">编辑子菜单按钮4</string>
<string id="31092">编辑子菜单按钮5</string>
<string id="31093">编辑子菜单按钮6</string>
<string id="31094">编辑子菜单按钮7</string>
<string id="31095">参数内容必须是一个自定义源、内建项目或视频目录</string>
<string id="31096">参数</string>
<string id="31097">参数内容格式必须为"Window,Directory,Return"</string>
<string id="31098">"Directory"和"Return"参数是可选的</string>
<string id="31099">参数内容必须是一个内建项目或针对视频资料库的目录</string>
<string id="31100">参数内容必须是一个自定义源、内建项目或音乐目录</string>
<string id="31101">参数内容必须是一个自定义源、内建项目或图片目录</string>
<string id="31102">参数内容必须是一个自定义源、内建项目或程序目录</string>
<string id="31600">此按钮指向一个自定义源</string>
<string id="31601">此按钮指向一个内建项目或资料库目录</string>
<string id="31081">在信息面板显示数据库路径(找出资料库文件夹路径)</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">常用设置,主界面,媒体,背景,脚本</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">显示字幕下载OSD按钮(需要安装脚本程序)</string>

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Italian translation for Rapier 3.06.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
  <!-- Translator: Simone Girlanda -->
  <!-- Date of translation: 4/1/2009 -->
  <!-- Italians strings for Rapier skin 3.06-->

<!--  string id's 31000 thru 31999 are reserved for skins  -->


<string id="31000">Non disponibile</string>
<string id="31300">Ultimo aggiornamento</string>
<string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
<string id="31302">Plugins</string>
<string id="31303">Aggiunti di recente</string>
<string id="31304">Informazioni</string>
<string id="31305">Emulatori</string>
<string id="31306">Apps</string>
<string id="31307">Sfondi</string>
<string id="31308">Comics</string>
<string id="31200">Avanti veloce</string>
<string id="31201">Riavvolgi</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">Icona</string>
<string id="31104">Icona grande</string>
<string id="31105">Lista</string>
<string id="31106">Wrap Info</string>
<string id="31107">Anteprima</string>
<string id="31108">Icona larga</string>
<string id="31110">Fanart</string>
<string id="31111">Lista Info</string>
<string id="31112">Lista Info 2</string>
<string id="31113">Muro</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">Media</string>
<string id="31014">Ripristina impostazioni</string>
<string id="31999">Ripristina impostazioni Skin a Default (Premere per confermare)</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">Nascondi pannello informazioni inferiore</string>
<string id="31024">Nascondi pannello inferiore in evidenza</string>
<string id="31025">Nascondi barra di scorrimento</string>
<string id="31026">Mostra informazioni sul tempo nella barra superiore</string>
<string id="31027">Non sfumare lo schermo quando è visibile una finestra</string>
<string id="31028">Cambia il colore della top bar</string>
<string id="31029">Grigio</string>
<string id="31030">Nero</string>
<string id="31031">Blue</string>
<string id="31032">Bianco</string>
<string id="31034">Smussato</string>
<string id="31035">Strisce</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31041">Nascondi descrizioni</string>
<string id="31042">Nascondi Etichette</string>
<string id="31043">Nascondi Fanart</string>
<string id="31044">Nascondi Trama</string>
<string id="31045">Nascondi Copertina</string>
<string id="31046">Nascondi Copertura</string>
<string id="31047">Non sfumare Fanart</string>
<string id="31048">Nascondi Media Flags</string>
<string id="31049">Nascondi Studio Flags</string>
<string id="31050">Cambia la posizione del punto centrale</string>
<string id="31400">Nascondi la barra delle opzioni superiore (visualizza solo se selezionata)</string>
<string id="31401">Non scorrere la trama</string>
<string id="31402">Nascondi la custodia del DVD</string>
<string id="31404">Utilizza i poster</string>
<string id="31405">Riproduzione musica</string>
<string id="31406">Riproduzione Video</string>
<string id="31407">Utilizza la visualizzazione come sfondo</string>
<string id="31408">Utilizza le fanart degli artisti come sfondo</string>
<string id="31409">Abilita la visualizzazione della musica/fanart nello sfondo</string>
<string id="31410">Abilita la riproduzione video nello sfondo</string>
<string id="31411">Imballo piatto</string>
<string id="31412">Imballo piccolo piatto</string>
<string id="31413">Imballo 3D</string>
<string id="31414">Nascondi Media Info Dialog</string>
<string id="31415">Nascondi Copartina Album</string>
<string id="31416">Non scorrere le description</string>
<string id="31417">Lista insegne</string>
<string id="31418">Lista classica</string>
<string id="31419">Pannello Icone</string>
<string id="31420">Mostra la trama completa</string>
<string id="31421">Nascondi Wrap List Shadow</string>
<string id="31422">Tutti</string>
<string id="31423">Stile</string>
<string id="31424">Non sfumare le copertine</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">Applica solo alla schermata principale</string>
<string id="31052">Applica a tutte</string>
<string id="31061">Finestre</string>
<string id="31053">Sfondi personalizzati</string>
<string id="31054">Percorso immagine</string>
<string id="31055">Percorso immagini multiple</string>
<string id="31056">Utilizza una sola immagine di sfondo</string>
<string id="31057">Utilizza più immagini di sfondo</string>
<string id="31060">Sfuma gli sfondi</string>
<string id="31062">Non applicare alla schermata principale</string>
<string id="31063">Fanart animate </string>
<string id="31064">Sfondi animati</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">Nascondi le categorie</string>
<string id="31071">Nascondi pannello musica in riproduzione</string>
<string id="31072">Nascondi pannello video in riproduzione</string>
<string id="31074">Nascondi icone di categoria</string>
<string id="31075">Mostra i pulsanti di navigazione (per utenti del mouse)</string>
<string id="31076">Menu principale di base</string>
<string id="31077">Menu principale avanzato</string>
<string id="31078">Icone di categoria personalizzate</string>
<string id="31079">Utilizza icone di categoria personalizzate</string>
<string id="31080">Percorso icone</string>
<string id="31088">Modifica il pulsante 1 del submenu</string>
<string id="31089">Modifica il pulsante 2 del submenu</string>
<string id="31090">Modifica il pulsante 3 del submenu</string>
<string id="31091">Modifica il pulsante 4 del submenu</string>
<string id="31092">Modifica il pulsante 5 del submenu</string>
<string id="31093">Modifica il pulsante 6 del submenu</string>
<string id="31094">Modifica il pulsante 7 del submenu</string>
<string id="31095">Il campo parametro deve essere una sorgente personalizzata, una categoria predefinita o un percorso speciale per i video</string>
<string id="31096">Parametro</string>
<string id="31097">Il campo parametro deve essere nel formato "Finestra, Cartella, Return"</string>
<string id="31098">I parametri "Cartella" e "Return" sono opzionali</string>
<string id="31099">Il campo parametro deve essere  una categoria predefinita o un percorso speciale per l'archivio video</string>
<string id="31100">Il campo parametro deve essere una sorgente personalizzata, una categoria predefinita o un percorso speciale per Musica</string>
<string id="31101">Il campo parametro deve essere una sorgente personalizzata, una categoria predefinita o un percorso speciale per Immagini</string>
<string id="31102">Il campo parametro deve essere una sorgente personalizzata, una categoria predefinita o un percorso speciale per Programmi</string>
<string id="31600">Questo pulsante seleziona una sorgente personalizzata</string>
<string id="31601">Questo pulsante seleziona una categoria perdefinita o un percorso speciale per il database</string>
<string id="31081">Mostra il percorso del database nel pannello delle informazioni</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">Generale, Principale, Media, Sfondi, Scripts</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">Mostra il pulsante OpenSubtitles_OSD (lo script deve essere installato)</string>

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A small possibility also to put new media gone up in a menu on home or even top bar ?
To finish, you would have to list your modifications in the file of language to avoid having to redo everything every time.

Thank you in advance, and as usual, great work!

In french !
En français !

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>

<!--  string id's 31000 thru 31999 are reserved for skins  -->


<string id="31000">Indisponible</string>
<string id="31300">Dernière actualisation</string>
<string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
<string id="31302">Plugins</string>
<string id="31303">Ajouté récemment</string>
<string id="31304">Information</string>
<string id="31305">Emulateur</string>
<string id="31306">Apps</string>
<string id="31307">Fond d'écran</string>
<string id="31308">Bande dessinée</string>
<string id="31200">Avance rapide</string>
<string id="31201">Rembobiner</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">Icône</string>
<string id="31104">Grand icône</string>
<string id="31105">Liste</string>
<string id="31106">Glissante</string>
<string id="31107">Miniature</string>
<string id="31108">Icône large</string>
<string id="31110">Fanart</string>
<string id="31111">Info-liste</string>
<string id="31112">Info-liste 2</string>
<string id="31113">Mur</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">Media</string>
<string id="31014">Paramètres par défaut</string>
<string id="31999">Les paramètre du thème seront effacés (Confirmez)</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">Masquer les infos du bas</string>
<string id="31024">Masquer l'effet blanc du bas</string>
<string id="31025">Masquer la barre de navigation</string>
<string id="31026">Voir la météo sur la barre du haut</string>
<string id="31027">Ne pas estomper quand une fenètre est au dessus</string>
<string id="31028">Changer la couleur de la barre du haut</string>
<string id="31029">Gris</string>
<string id="31030">Noir</string>
<string id="31031">Bleu</string>
<string id="31032">Blanc</string>
<string id="31034">Plat</string>
<string id="31035">Rayé</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31041">Masquer la description</string>
<string id="31042">Masquer les labels</string>
<string id="31043">Masquer le Fanart</string>
<string id="31044">Masquer le synopsis</string>
<string id="31045">Masquer la jaquette</string>
<string id="31046">Masquer Overlay</string>
<string id="31047">Ne pas estomper les fanarts</string>
<string id="31048">Masquer les drapeaux médias</string>
<string id="31049">Masquer les drapeaux studios</string>
<string id="31050">Changer la position du curseur</string>
<string id="31400">Masquer la barre d'option supérieure</string>
<string id="31401">Le synopsis ne défile pas</string>
<string id="31402">Masquer la jaquette DVD</string>
<string id="31404">Utiliser la jaquette en affiche</string>
<string id="31405">Musique en cours</string>
<string id="31406">Vidéos en cours</string>
<string id="31407">Mettre la visualisation en fond</string>
<string id="31408">Use Artist Fanart For Background</string>
<string id="31409">Activer la visualisation des musique pour fond</string>
<string id="31410">Activer la vidéo pour fond</string>
<string id="31411">Gros glissement</string>
<string id="31412">Petit glissement</string>
<string id="31413">Glissement 3D</string>
<string id="31414">Masquer les informations médias</string>
<string id="31415">Masquer la pochette de l'album</string>
<string id="31416">La description ne défile pas</string>
<string id="31417">Liste bannières</string>
<string id="31418">Liste classique</string>
<string id="31419">Panneau d'icônes</string>
<string id="31420">Voir tout le synopsis</string>
<string id="31421">Masquer les ombres</string>
<string id="31422">Tout</string>
<string id="31423">Style</string>
<string id="31424">Ne pas estomper la jaquette</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">Appliquer uniquement à l'accueil</string>
<string id="31052">Appliquer à tout</string>
<string id="31061">Fenètres</string>
<string id="31053">Choisir le fond</string>
<string id="31054">Chemin de l'image</string>
<string id="31055">Plusieurs images</string>
<string id="31056">Utiliser qu'une seule image</string>
<string id="31057">Utiliser plusieurs images</string>
<string id="31060">Estomper le fond</string>
<string id="31062">Ne pas appliquer à l'accueil</string>
<string id="31063">Fanart animé</string>
<string id="31064">Fond animé</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">Masquer les categories</string>
<string id="31071">Masquer "Lecture en cours" pour les musiques</string>
<string id="31072">Masquer "Lecture en cours" pour les vidéos</string>
<string id="31074">Masquer les icônes de catégories</string>
<string id="31075">Voir les boutons de navigation (pour la souris)</string>
<string id="31076">Menu basique</string>
<string id="31077">Menu avancé</string>
<string id="31078">Icônes catégories personnalisés</string>
<string id="31079">Utilisé l'cônes catégories personnalisés</string>
<string id="31080">Chemin de l'icône</string>
<string id="31088">Editer le sous menu 1</string>
<string id="31089">Editer le sous menu 2</string>
<string id="31090">Editer le sous menu 3</string>
<string id="31091">Editer le sous menu 4</string>
<string id="31092">Editer le sous menu 5</string>
<string id="31093">Editer le sous menu 6</string>
<string id="31094">Editer le sous menu 7</string>
<string id="31095">Le paramètre doit être une Source personnalisée, Construite dans catégorie, ou Chemin spécial pour vidéos</string>
<string id="31096">Paramètre</string>
<string id="31097">Le paramètre doit être dans le format "fenêtre, répertoire, retour"</string>
<string id="31098">Le "répertoire" et le "retour" sont optionels</string>
<string id="31099">Le paramètre doit être Construit dans catégorie ou Chemin spécial pour la vidéo</string>
<string id="31100">Le paramètre doit être Construit dans catégorie ou Chemin spécial pour la musique</string>
<string id="31101">Le paramètre doit être Construit dans catégorie ou Chemin spécial pour les images</string>
<string id="31102">Le paramètre doit être Construit dans catégorie ou Chemin spécial pour les programmes</string>
<string id="31600">Ce bouton prend une source personnalisée</string>
<string id="31601">This Button Takes A Built In Category Or Special Database Path</string>
<string id="31081">Voir le chemin de la base donnée dans le panneau d'informations</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">General, Accueil, Média, Fonds, Scripts</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">Voir le bouton d'OpenSubtitles_OSD (le script doit être installé)</string>

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Rapier 3.06 korean translation
Rapier 3.06 한국어 번역 2010-01-07


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Language file translated with Team XBMC Translator-->
<!--Translator: airplanez-->
<!--Email: airplanez AT gmail DOT com-->
<!--Date of translation: 01/07/2010-->
  <string id="31000">사용할수 없음</string>
  <string id="31013">미디어</string>
  <string id="31014">설정 초기화</string>
  <string id="31021">버튼 정보 창 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31024">버튼 창 흰색 강조 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31025">스크롤바 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31026">상단 표시줄에 날씨 보이기</string>
  <string id="31027">대화창이 보일때 화면 어둡게 하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31028">상단 표시줄 색깔 변경</string>
  <string id="31029">회색</string>
  <string id="31030">검정</string>
  <string id="31031">파랑</string>
  <string id="31032">하양</string>
  <string id="31034">부드럽게</string>
  <string id="31035">줄무늬</string>
  <string id="31041">설명 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31042">라벨 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31043">팬아트 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31044">줄거리 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31045">표지 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31046">중첩 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31047">팬아트 어둡게 하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31048">미디어 플래그 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31049">스튜디오 플래그 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31050">초점 위치 변경</string>
  <string id="31051">홈 윈도우에만 적용</string>
  <string id="31052">전체에 적용</string>
  <string id="31053">사용자 지정 배경</string>
  <string id="31054">이미지 경로</string>
  <string id="31055">다중 이미지 경로</string>
  <string id="31056">배경에 단일 이미지 사용</string>
  <string id="31057">배경에 다중 이미지 사용</string>
  <string id="31060">배경 어둡게하기</string>
  <string id="31061">윈도우즈</string>
  <string id="31062">홈 윈도우에 적용하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31063">애니메이션 팬아트</string>
  <string id="31064">애니메이션 배경</string>
  <string id="31070">카테고리 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31071">음악에 지금 재생 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31072">비디오에 지금 재생 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31074">카테고리 아이콘 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31075">네비게이션 버튼 숨기기 (마우스 사용자)</string>
  <string id="31076">기본 홈 메뉴</string>
  <string id="31077">고급 홈 메뉴</string>
  <string id="31078">사용자 지정 카테고리 아이콘</string>
  <string id="31079">사용자 지정 카테고리 아이콘 사용</string>
  <string id="31080">아이콘 경로</string>
  <string id="31081">정보 패널에 데이터베이스 경로 보이기 (라이브러리 폴더 경로 찾기)</string>
  <string id="31088">하위메뉴 버튼 1 수정</string>
  <string id="31089">하위메뉴 버튼 2 수정</string>
  <string id="31090">하위메뉴 버튼 3 수정</string>
  <string id="31091">하위메뉴 버튼 4 수정</string>
  <string id="31092">하위메뉴 버튼 5 수정</string>
  <string id="31093">하위메뉴 버튼 6 수정</string>
  <string id="31094">하위메뉴 버튼 7 수정</string>
  <string id="31095">매개변수 필드는 사용자 지정 소스, 내장 카테고리, 또는 비디오의 특별한 경로 이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31096">매개변수</string>
  <string id="31097">매개변수 필드는 "Window,Directory,Return" 형식 이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31098">"Directory" 및 "Return" 매개변수는 선택사항 입니다</string>
  <string id="31099">매개변수 필드는 내장 카테고리 또는 비디오 라이브러리의 특별한 경로이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31100">매개변수 필드는 사용자 지정 소스, 내장 카테고리, 또는 음악의 특별한 경로이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31101">매개변수 필드는 사용자 지정 소스, 내장 카테고리, 또는 사진의 특별한 경로이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31102">매개변수 필드는 사용자 지정 소스, 내장 카테고리, 또는 프로그램의 특별한 경로이어야 합니다</string>
  <string id="31103">아이콘</string>
  <string id="31104">큰 아이콘</string>
  <string id="31105">목록</string>
  <string id="31106">나열 정보</string>
  <string id="31107">미리보기</string>
  <string id="31108">넓은 아이콘</string>
  <string id="31110">팬아트</string>
  <string id="31111">목록 정보</string>
  <string id="31112">목록 정보 2</string>
  <string id="31113">벽지</string>
  <string id="31200">빨리 감기</string>
  <string id="31201">되감기</string>
  <string id="31210">일반, 홈, 미디어, 배경, 스크립트</string>
  <string id="31300">최근 업데이트</string>
  <string id="31301">자막 OSD 열기</string>
  <string id="31302">플러그인</string>
  <string id="31303">최근 추가됨</string>
  <string id="31304">정보</string>
  <string id="31305">에뮬레이터</string>
  <string id="31306">응용 프로그램</string>
  <string id="31307">배경</string>
  <string id="31308">만화</string>
  <string id="31400">상단 옵션 메뉴 표시줄 숨기기 (선택되었을때만 보이기)</string>
  <string id="31401">줄거리 스크롤하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31402">DVD 케이스 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31404">포스터 표지 사용</string>
  <string id="31405">음악 재생중</string>
  <string id="31406">비디오 재생중</string>
  <string id="31407">배경에 시각화 사용</string>
  <string id="31408">배경에 아티스트 팬아트 사용</string>
  <string id="31409">배경에 음악 시각화 / 아티스트 팬아트 사용</string>
  <string id="31410">배경에 비디오 재생중 사용</string>
  <string id="31411">평면 나열</string>
  <string id="31412">작은 평면 나열</string>
  <string id="31413">입체 나열</string>
  <string id="31414">미디어 정보 대화창 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31415">앨범 케이스 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31416">설명 스크롤하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31417">배너 목록</string>
  <string id="31418">고전 목록</string>
  <string id="31419">아이콘 패널</string>
  <string id="31420">전체 줄거리 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31421">나열 목록 그림자 숨기기</string>
  <string id="31422">모두</string>
  <string id="31423">스타일</string>
  <string id="31424">표지 어둡게 하지 않기</string>
  <string id="31500">자막 열기 OSD 버튼 보이기 (스크립트가 설치되어야함)</string>
  <string id="31600">이 버튼은 사용자 지정 소스를 이용합니다</string>
  <string id="31601">이 버튼은 내장 카테고리 또는 특별한 데이터베이스 경로를 이용합니다</string>
  <string id="31999">스킨 설정을 기본값으로 초기화 (확인을 누르세요)</string>
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <string id="31000">Inte tillgänglig</string>
  <string id="31013">Media</string>
  <string id="31014">Återställ inställningar</string>
  <string id="31021">Dölj infopanlen på botten</string>
  <string id="31024">Dölj bottenpanelens vita markering</string>
  <string id="31025">Skrollhandtag</string>
  <string id="31026">Visa väder på topp-panelen</string>
  <string id="31027">Dämpa inte skärmen när en dialog är synlig</string>
  <string id="31028">Ändra färg på topp-panel</string>
  <string id="31029">Grå</string>
  <string id="31030">Svart</string>
  <string id="31031">Blå</string>
  <string id="31032">Vit</string>
  <string id="31034">Mjuk</string>
  <string id="31035">Rand</string>
  <string id="31041">Dölj beskrivning</string>
  <string id="31042">Dölj etiketter</string>
  <string id="31043">Dölj fanart</string>
  <string id="31044">Dölj handling</string>
  <string id="31045">Dölj omslag</string>
  <string id="31046">Dölj överlägg</string>
  <string id="31047">Dämpa inte fanart</string>
  <string id="31048">Dölj mediaflaggor</string>
  <string id="31049">Dölj studioflaggor</string>
  <string id="31050">Ändra focusposition</string>
  <string id="31051">Ange endast för hemfönster</string>
  <string id="31052">Ange för alla</string>
  <string id="31053">Anpassade bakgrunder</string>
  <string id="31054">Bildsökväg</string>
  <string id="31055">Flerbildsökväg</string>
  <string id="31056">Använd enstaka bilder som bakgrund</string>
  <string id="31057">Använd flerbilder som bakgrund</string>
  <string id="31060">Dämpa bakgrund</string>
  <string id="31061">Fönster</string>
  <string id="31062">Anges inte för hemfönstret</string>
  <string id="31063">Animera fanart</string>
  <string id="31064">Animera bakgrunder</string>
  <string id="31070">Dölj kategorier</string>
  <string id="31071">Dölj nu spelas för musik</string>
  <string id="31072">Dölj nu spelas för videor</string>
  <string id="31074">Dölj kategori-ikoner</string>
  <string id="31075">Visa navigationsknapper (för musanvändare)</string>
  <string id="31076">Enkel hemmeny</string>
  <string id="31077">Avancerad hemmeny</string>
  <string id="31078">Anpassade kategoriikoner</string>
  <string id="31079">Använd anpassade kategoriikoner</string>
  <string id="31080">Ikonsökväg</string>
  <string id="31081">Visa databassökväg i infopanelen (Se sökväg till en biblioteksmapp)</string>
  <string id="31088">Redigera undermenyknapp 1</string>
  <string id="31089">Redigera undermenyknapp 2</string>
  <string id="31090">Redigera undermenyknapp 3</string>
  <string id="31091">Redigera undermenyknapp 4</string>
  <string id="31092">Redigera undermenyknapp 5</string>
  <string id="31093">Redigera undermenyknapp 6</string>
  <string id="31094">Redigera undermenyknapp 7</string>
  <string id="31095">Parameterfältet måste vara en anpassad källa, inbyggd kategori eller speciell sökväg för videor</string>
  <string id="31096">Parameter</string>
  <string id="31097">Parameterfältet måste vara i formatet "Fönster,Regissör,Återgång"</string>
  <string id="31098">"Regissör" och "Återgång"-parametrarna är valfria</string>
  <string id="31099">Parameterfältet måste vara en inbyggd kategori eller speciell sökväg för videobiblioteket</string>
  <string id="31100">Parameterfältet måste vara en anpassad källa, inbyggd kategori eller speciell sökväg för musik</string>
  <string id="31101">Parameterfältet måste vara en anpassad källa, inbyggd kategori eller speciell sökväg för bilder</string>
  <string id="31102">Parameterfältet måste vara en anpassad källa, inbyggd kategori eller speciell sökväg för program</string>
  <string id="31103">Ikon</string>
  <string id="31104">Stor ikon</string>
  <string id="31105">Lista</string>
  <string id="31106">Wrapinfo</string>
  <string id="31107">Miniatyr</string>
  <string id="31108">Bred ikon</string>
  <string id="31110">Fanart</string>
  <string id="31111">Listinfo</string>
  <string id="31112">Listinfo 2</string>
  <string id="31113">Vägg</string>
  <string id="31200">Spola framåt</string>
  <string id="31201">Spola bakåt</string>
  <string id="31210">Allmänt, Hem, Media, Bakgrunder, Skript</string>
  <string id="31300">Sist uppdaterad</string>
  <string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
  <string id="31302">Tillägg</string>
  <string id="31303">Nyligen tillagda</string>
  <string id="31304">Information</string>
  <string id="31305">Emulatorer</string>
  <string id="31306">Program</string>
  <string id="31307">Bakgrunder</string>
  <string id="31308">Tecknade serier</string>
  <string id="31400">Dölj toppalternativsmenypanel (visa endast när den är vald)</string>
  <string id="31401">Skrolla inte handling</string>
  <string id="31402">Dölj DVD-omslag</string>
  <string id="31404">Använd omslag</string>
  <string id="31405">Musik spelas</string>
  <string id="31406">Video spelas</string>
  <string id="31407">Använd visualisering i bakgrunden</string>
  <string id="31408">Använd artist-fanart i bakgrunden</string>
  <string id="31409">Aktivera musikvisualition/ artist-fanart i bakgrunden</string>
  <string id="31410">Aktivera videouppspelning i bakgrunden</string>
  <string id="31411">Platt-wrap</string>
  <string id="31412">Lite platt-wrap</string>
  <string id="31413">3D-wrap</string>
  <string id="31414">Dölj mediainfodialog</string>
  <string id="31415">Dölj albumfodral</string>
  <string id="31416">Skrolla inte beskrivning</string>
  <string id="31417">Banderoll-lista</string>
  <string id="31418">Klassisk lista</string>
  <string id="31419">Ikonpanel</string>
  <string id="31420">Visa fullständig handling</string>
  <string id="31421">Dölj wrap-listskuggning</string>
  <string id="31422">Alla</string>
  <string id="31423">Stil</string>
  <string id="31424">Dämpa inte omslag</string>
  <string id="31500">Visa OpenSubtitles_OSD knapp (skriptet måste vara installerat)</string>
  <string id="31600">Denna knapp tar en anpassad källa</string>
  <string id="31601">Denna knapp tar en inbyggd kategori eller databassökväg</string>
  <string id="31999">Återställ skalinställningar till standard (tryck för att bekräfta)</string>

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Swedish homescreen image correction in rapier 3.06.

The English word VIDEOS should be translated to VIDEOR. The current FILMER is not a good translation.
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Will look into it..

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
If you don't have the time to read them, please don't take the time to post in this forum!
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
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Dutch translation:

This translation is not based on the translation made for Rapier 2.0.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
<!--Translator: MMaI-->
<!--Email: themmai AT gmail DOT com-->
<!--Date of translation: 01/06/2010-->

<!--  string id's 31000 thru 31999 are reserved for skins -->


<string id="31000">Niet beschikbaar</string>
<string id="31300">Laatste update</string>
<string id="31301">OpenSubtitles_OSD</string>
<string id="31302">Plugins</string>
<string id="31303">Recent toegevoegd</string>
<string id="31304">Informatie</string>
<string id="31305">Emulators</string>
<string id="31306">Toepassingen</string>
<string id="31307">Achtergronden</string>
<string id="31308">Stripverhalen</string>
<string id="31200">Vooruit spoelen</string>
<string id="31201">Achteruit spoelen</string>

<!-- view types -->
<string id="31103">Iconen</string>
<string id="31104">Grote iconen</string>
<string id="31105">Lijst</string>
<string id="31106">Wrap info </string>
<string id="31107">Voorbeelden</string>
<string id="31108">Brede iconen</string>
<string id="31110">Fanart</string>
<string id="31111">Info lijst</string>
<string id="31112">Info 2 lijst</string>
<string id="31113">Muur</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31013">Media</string>
<string id="31014">Herstel instellingen</string>
<string id="31999">Skin instellingen herstellen(Druk om te bevestigen)</string>

<!-- skin settings general -->
<string id="31021">Onderste info paneel verbergen</string>
<string id="31024">Onderste info paneel highlight verbergen</string>
<string id="31025">Scrollbar verbergen</string>
<string id="31026">Weer op bovenste balk weergeven</string>
<string id="31027">Scherm niet dimmen als dialoog actief is</string>
<string id="31028">Top balk kleur veranderen</string>
<string id="31029">Grijs</string>
<string id="31030">Zwart</string>
<string id="31031">Blauw</string>
<string id="31032">Wit</string>
<string id="31034">Glas</string>
<string id="31035">Gestreept</string>

<!-- skin settings media -->
<string id="31041">Beschrijving verbergen</string>
<string id="31042">Labels verbergen</string>
<string id="31043">Fanart verbergen</string>
<string id="31044">Plot verbergen</string>
<string id="31045">Cover verbergen</string>
<string id="31046">Overlay verbergen</string>
<string id="31047">Fanart niet dimmen</string>
<string id="31048">Media vlaggen verbergen</string>
<string id="31049">Studio vlaggen verbergen</string>
<string id="31050">Focuspositie veranderen</string>
<string id="31400">Bovenste optie menubalk verbergen</string>
<string id="31401">Plot niet scrollen</string>
<string id="31402">DVD box verbergen</string>
<string id="31404">Poster covers gebruiken</string>
<string id="31405">Muziek speelt</string>
<string id="31406">Muziek speelt</string>
<string id="31407">Toon Visualisaties op de achtergrond</string>
<string id="31408">Toon Fanart op de achtergrond</string>
<string id="31409">Achtergrond Visualisaties / Fanart inschakelen op de achtergrond</string>
<string id="31410">Video afspelen op achtergrond inschakelen</string>
<string id="31411">Standaard weergave</string>
<string id="31412">Kleine weergave</string>
<string id="31413">3D weergave</string>
<string id="31414">Media informatie dialoog verbergen</string>
<string id="31415">Albumhoes verbergen</string>
<string id="31416">Beschrijving niet scrollen</string>
<string id="31417">Banner lijst</string>
<string id="31418">Classieke lijst</string>
<string id="31419">Icoon paneel</string>
<string id="31420">Toon volledig plot</string>
<string id="31421">Lijst schaduw verbergen</string>
<string id="31422">Allen</string>
<string id="31423">Stijl</string>
<string id="31424">Cover niet dimmen</string>

<!-- skin settings backgrounds -->
<string id="31051">Alleen op home scherm toepassen</string>
<string id="31052">Overal toepassen</string>
<string id="31061">Schermen</string>
<string id="31053">Persoonlijke achtergronden</string>
<string id="31054">Pad naar afbeeldingen</string>
<string id="31055">Meerdere paden naar afbeeldingen</string>
<string id="31056">Gebruik één enkele achtergrond</string>
<string id="31057">Gebruik meerdere achtergronden</string>
<string id="31060">Achtergrond dimmen</string>
<string id="31062">Niet op home scherm toepassen</string>
<string id="31063">Fanart animeren</string>
<string id="31064">Achtergrond animeren</string>

<!-- skin settings home -->
<string id="31070">Verberg deze Categorieën</string>
<string id="31071">Verberg "bezig met afspelen" voor muziek</string>
<string id="31072">Verberg "bezig met afspelen" voor videos</string>
<string id="31074">Verberg categorie iconen</string>
<string id="31075">Navigatie knoppen laten zien (Voor muisgebruikers)</string>
<string id="31076">Basis home menu</string>
<string id="31077">Geavanceerd home menu</string>
<string id="31078">Aangepaste categorie iconen</string>
<string id="31079">Aangepaste categorie iconen gebruiken</string>
<string id="31080">Pad naar iconen</string>
<string id="31088">Submenu knop 1 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31089">Submenu knop 2 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31090">Submenu knop 3 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31091">Submenu knop 4 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31092">Submenu knop 5 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31093">Submenu knop 6 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31094">Submenu knop 7 aanpassen</string>
<string id="31095">Parameter veld dient een aangepaste bron, categorie of speciaal pad voor video's zijn</string>
<string id="31096">Parameter</string>
<string id="31097">Parameter veld dient in het formaat "Scherm,Map,Terug"</string>
<string id="31098">"Map" en "Terug" parameter is optioneel</string>
<string id="31099">Parameter veld moet een categorie of een speciaal pad voor een video bibliotheek zijn</string>
<string id="31100">Parameter veld dient een aangepaste bron, categorie of speciaal pad voor muziek zijn</string>
<string id="31101">Parameter veld dient een aangepaste bron, categorie of speciaal pad voor afbeeldingen zijn</string>
<string id="31102">Parameter veld dient een aangepaste bron, categorie of speciaal pad voor programma's zijn</string>
<string id="31600">Deze knop gebruikt een aangepaste bron</string>
<string id="31601">Deze knop gebruikt een aangepaste categorie of aangepast database pad</string>
<string id="31081">Database pad informatie in info paneel tonen (geeft pad naar bibliotheek map)</string>

<!-- skin settings -->
<string id="31210">Algemeen, Home, Media, Achtergronden, Scripts</string>
<!-- skin settings scripts -->
<string id="31500">Laat OpenSubtitles_OSD knop zien (Script moet geinstalleerd zijn)</string>

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taxigps Wrote:about home menu categories in chinese(simple):
I suggest to use four chinese charaters label and use FZCQJW.TTF font. It look better to fit the skin.
label: png file:
常用功能 chinese (simple)-general-text-focus.png
电影强档 chinese (simple)-movies-text-focus.png
音乐无限 chinese (simple)-music-text-focus.png
图片欣赏 chinese (simple)-pictures-text-focus.png
程序扩展 chinese (simple)-programs-text-focus.png
系统设置 chinese (simple)-system-text-focus.png
电视剧集 chinese (simple)-tvshows-text-focus.png
视频浏览 chinese (simple)-videos-text-focus.png

I have made a mod:

Ok, I'll make the changes.
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Any progress on the Swedish language correction yet?

There are now two items named "Filmer", where there should be one "Filmer" (for the movie library entity) and "Videor" (for the video-files entity)...

Thanx for a great skin though!
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anthistatic Wrote:Any progress on the Swedish language correction yet?

There are now two items named "Filmer", where there should be one "Filmer" (for the movie library entity) and "Videor" (for the video-files entity)...

Thanx for a great skin though!

I will fix it, although I just went by what the swedish language files have it set for.
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This isn't really anything major, just a small error in the swedish translation:

When deleting something it says: 'Är du säker på att ta bort "itemname"?'
This should be either: 'Är du säker på att du vill ta bort "itemname"?'
or perhaps 'Vill du verkligen ta bort "itemname"?'

What it says now, if translated to english, is similar to: 'Are you sure you want remove "itemname"?' (there's no 'to').
The last one is more like 'Do you really want to remove "itemname"?'

Just something I noticed. Keep up the good work!
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