Cant scan from QNAS?
OK.. I cant seem to get this one.. The last time i used a NAS was when I had my ReadyNAS with my old XBox XBMC. Now SMB settings have been removed which I understand and I'm running 9.11 on my HTPC. I have been scanning locally from an external Mybook for the last year with no issues.. Just bought myself a shiny new QNAP TS 509 Pro.. Transfered over all my data (about 400 movies, 100GB Music). I added the "media" share where I am keeping all my content to my local HTPC (Mapped Drive). I have been playing with all the settings within and here is what I've got..

Share "Media" on QNAP. Enabled "Windows File Sharing" and even added an xbmc user profile with read only access..

Into XBMC, I add source to Videos.. >Q:"Media" > Movies.. Set content and scan with IMDB..

Once added I can browse all files in "Files" mode however nothing imports to the library.


Into XBMC, I add source to Videos.. SMB>QNAP>Share>Media>Movies.. Set content and scan with IMDB.. Nothing imports to the library.

Never asking for credentials..

Once added I can also browse all files in "Files" mode here..


If I use MovieDB it imports, but only about 8 of 400

I have reinstalled XBMC and removed user data just for kicks. Is there something I'm missing with the QNAP settings or does this sound like XBMC side? Eek

Any help is much appreciated.. Thanks

Edit: Now seeing that everyone is having issues with IMDB scrapers.. Still think I'm having problems with TMDB but will investigate more.. Couldn't have had worse timing switching over to my QNAP..
I just spent Saturday troubleshooting this issue.. althekiller thanks but while reading through the xbmc/trac, I look up at my beautiful Confluence and there was the "Downloading Movie Information" progress bar. TMDB is now scraping all my content.. literally all of a sudden it is slowly pulling it all in. Not sure what the issue was for the past 2 days but it seems to be working now..
IMDb scraper failed over the weekend.

A fix to the imdb.xml file was posted in another thread over the weekend - but cannot find it for the life of me.

I guess it was just a "temporary" problem if you're saying the original scraper definition is working again now though.
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