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BBFC Logos aswell as MPAA for the UK.
I have a small mod to enable BBFC certificate flags in Confluence it includes flags for U, PG, 12, 12A, 15, 18 & R18.


Looks cool, any chance of getting a dropbox account or something for downloading?
Looks good, much more what I'd be used to seeing.

Downloads aren't working for me.

Do you need to do anything apart from drop these in the skin folder? (When I can actually get them)


I've taken the liberty of uploading the file to my rapidshare account, as an alternative for those having problems downloading. Hope the OP does not mind Big Grin
Sorry to be dumb but I do not see how you enable age ratings on confluence?
@ t2ffn

Yes drop in skin folder. If you have a modded the video library views just miss the file DialogVideoInfo.xml.

@ DannyBres

The age rating are already enabled I used Media Companion with in the preferences, scraper, movie scaper and in the IMDB Certificates Priorities move UK to the top to alter all the nfo's for my media to have a uk certification instead of MPAA use the movie batch rescraper wizard.

EG. Confluence looks for the string Rated R in the mpaa field, and displays the image associated with that string.

The BBFC strings are U, PG, 12, 12A, 15, 18 & R18 & included below an updated version in Post 1 to hopefully not mix up the PG flags.
cheers for this, any idea how I can get them to show in the standard media/list view?

it allready dislays the codecs, rating's on top would be brill Smile
Maybe a dumb question but what changes does this make to DialogVideoInfo.xml & IncludesCodecFlagging.xml? I've just installed the Wallstream and don't want to remove the versions of those files which might mess things up.
Can someone please help me this is driving me mad.

I've copied over the two templates and the BBFC images, but they always come up with the U certificate (version 9.11 installed).
Hi All,

If you've stumbled across this thread and want to set up this BBFC mod with current (pre-Eden/Eden) versions of XBMC DO NOT use the included "includesCodecFlagging.xml" and instead make the following additions to your own "includesCodecFlagging.xml" file. There have been some changes to the way this file works since this mod was made meaning the replacement modded xml file is obsolete.

It's not explicitly stated in this thread either, but for this to work you need .nfo files for every movie/tv show with the <mpaa> tag set to the appropriate bbfc classification, i.e for a 12A the mpaa tag would be "<mpaa>12A</mpaa>". The easiest way to set this up is with the Media Companion program set up as fultotop mentioned before.

Add the new bbfc images as per the instructions.txt.

In your "includesCodecFlagging.xml", after line 14, add the following extra conditions inside the <variable name="rating"> tag:

<value condition="substring(listitem.mpaa,U)">bbfc_U</value>
    <value condition="substring(listitem.mpaa,PG) + !substring(listitem.mpaa,Rated PG-13)">bbfc_PG</value>
    <value condition="substring(listitem.mpaa,12) + !substring(listitem.mpaa,12A)">bbfc_12</value>
    <value condition="substring(Listitem.mpaa,12A)">bbfc_12A</value>
    <value condition="substring(Listitem.mpaa,15)">bbfc_15</value>
    <value condition="substring(Listitem.mpaa,18) + !substring(listitem.mpaa,R18)">bbfc_18</value>
    <value condition="substring(Listitem.mpaa,R18)">bbfc_R18</value>

You can safely ignore the "DialogVideoInfo.xml" file.
I know that this is now a reasonably old thread however all the links appear to be dead. I couldn't find a newer thread.

Also is there an updated guide for Frodo?
Is anyone maintaining the links to these files?

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BBFC Logos aswell as MPAA for the UK.00