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[MOD] Movies Library - Wallstream with Bluray/DVD cases
aphillippe Wrote:This view uses the XBMC system poster image. Any movie properly scraped into the library should have one. I think the problem lies with your library, and when you're in file mode, XBMC is just reading the folder.jpg in each folder. Until you've properly scanned the movies into the library, XBMC won't add those .jpg files into it's internal library database.

I was just getting there. I manually went into the info for a couple and then added the folder.jpg (the cover) as the thumb, and it displays properly. I just need to update the internal XBMC libraries as I've just been relying on having mymovies maintain everything on the server.
aphillippe Wrote:Update:
-Added Igotdvds' half wall view

I will add the movie sets icon, cases toggle etc. to the half wall view at some point soon to keep the two views consistent.

So you are going to alter mine to have the switch for covers? Awesome!
igotdvds Wrote:So you are going to alter mine to have the switch for covers? Awesome!

I already have. I'll update the link in an hour or so.

- Added Toggle to switch between MPAA and BBFC ratings. (This only changes the spacing of the classification logos, not the logos themselves. Basically, if your movies have been scraped from IMDB with UK classifications, U, PG, 12 etc then click this option. If not, leave it turned off).
- Added Toggle Cases switch to Wallstream 2 view
- Moved the media flags on Wallstream 2 to the right to avoid clashing with "now playing" info, in line with original wallstream view.

Note: both these options are consistent across both views. If you change it for one, it will be changed for the other.
I don't get the cases to be displayed. Sad

I took a look into xbmc.log and found this:

10:59:48 T:2993097584 M:1604370432   ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file:
10:59:48 T:32148336 M:1597259776   ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file:
11:00:07 T:2834295664 M:1592692736   ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file:

Does anyone have an idea what's causing this?
Have you checked the png files are in the right place? You should have case.png, 480case.png, 560case.png, 720case.png, 1080case.png, contentpanelwallstream.png, contentpanelwallstream2.png all in the confluence/media folder.
Yes, the files are all there.

I also tried the modded skin from igotdvd here
and with this one the dvd covers are properly displayed.

But that mod on the other hand doesn't have MovieSet icons Sad
I've downloaded and installed the mod - it looks fantastic.

One thing i need to query though:
In Igotdvd's wallstream screenshots you are showing multiple fanart pieces for Harry potter and the goblet of fire.
My own install doesn't. It shows the default single fanart piece
I've tried updating movie information (using both imdb and
I've removed library entry and readded.
movie info thumbs and fanart both show the standard interface - ie can only select one thumb or fanart

Is there something i'm missing?
Does this require a full clean and re-scrape of the database to work?
You have to add the additional fanart images yourself. Xbmc won't do it for you. I think there's a program that will scan the movie file and take a few extra screengrabs, or you can add them manually. Search for extra thumbs on the forum and see what you find.
Any way to get the movies to show up instantly? When I'm using Wallstream there seems to be a delay if I go down a page while it reads the right covers. It can be about 4-5 seconds which is a little annoying.

EDIT: Just realised it's a Confluence + Thumbnail view problem (does the same in that view). Not sure why though...
I was wondering if it was possible to add this view to the filemode option. It works great for library mode but I never use that mode Sad
Either way great work Rolleyes
Tsuris Wrote:I was wondering if it was possible to add this view to the filemode option. It works great for library mode but I never use that mode Sad
Either way great work Rolleyes

its worth taking a day to rename and structure your your movie collection, library mode is sweet with this mod
I just did that (switching from xbox to acer revo) but it means a) going through extra sub menus to get to my movies (with a bunch of extra options I will never need, year/studios/actors)
none of which have thumbnails (in non library view my "movie/series" folders do. For series its
home>TV Shows>title>(name of series, Criminal Minds for example)>season list (including all seaons)>episodes

normally for me this is
if I want to watch a series
Home>back (movie is default)>Series>Title>Episodes
Maybe its just me being lazy, but I wanted to make it look as streamlined as possbile, I have my parents using this now also (still on xbox, gonna buy a second revo to give them later) and I want to make sure they will be able to use it.
(not that they will ever read this but if they find this post on my pc.. sorry mom/dad, but you know its true :p)
edit-> Found out finally what flatten does ....
Apologies in advance if I'm missing something - read the thread and did a search but haven't had any luck yet. How can I get the rating rectangle and studio labels to appear? I've downloaded the studios and put into the 'Flagged' or 'flagger' or whatever the name of the dir is under the confluence skin (under a studios directory, as directed by the studio icon mod) but it still isn't working.

The file that was associated with the studio icon mod doesn't seem to be available anymore, so I'm not sure if that changed something else fundamentally so that these icons are recognized, but any help would be appreciated. (and direction on the ratings items as well)
Now working fine

[MOD] Movies Library - Wallstream with Bluray/DVD cases00