Adding new epsiodes to a series.
Yesterday, I added episode 10 of family guy to my collection, naming convention same etc, then opened XBMC.

It ran its opening scan and DIDNT add the episode.

Question, do I need to run an external scrape and get NFO etc before XBMC will add it to the library?

If I manually add the file from the Videos>Files menu, it ends up in the movies library and I cannot move it... Rolleyes

I can play the episode from Videos>Files menu.

What am I missing guys?

I didnt think I needed to use MIP on my TV shows everytime I add a new episode, as it takes ages as it ALWAYS scans everything when opening it... Huh

Thanks for any help to improve my user experience.
You should never need to use MIP. I never use MIP. Or any other external scraper for that matter.

If the video is in the library, remove it, turn on debug logging, and try doing your standard scan again. Then post the debug log. See my sig for posting a windows related problem to find out how to do this.
BTW, is it in a folder that's had its content set to Movies? Because that'd be a dead give away as to why it was in the movies section.
Hi natethomas,

This is my debug pastebin:

The folder is set to TV shows, I dropped the episode in there, but it is not picked up on a scan, or if I force an episode refresh (which makes the first nine episodes in the folder show up as new TV shows on the home menu)

If I add an NFO (scrape the tv shows first using MIP) they work fine for the most part...

Looked over the debug file but I dont know what I'm looking for.

Running Win XP, SP3, camelot, sony vaio vgn-fe21h
I've seen this often...

Just remove the show from the library then rescan, it gets picked up.

Actually there's a load of instances when new file detection doesn't work... but the above workaround usually fixes it.
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