Acer Revo 3600 Linux 100% CPU on idle

As the title says i have XBMC 9.11 running on a Revo 3600 with 2GB memory upgrade running fine, other than CPU0 is running at 100% and CPU1 is running 0 to 20%, and this is just on the home page, I currently dont have any HD content to test with.

I have searched the forums and made suggested setup tweeks, reinstalled twice and am now running out of ideas, has anyone seen anything like this ? or am i missing something obvious.


I can't suggest too much in the way of expert knowledge, however, having bee relatively new to the world of linux 4 months ago, and re-installed Ubuntu/XBMC literally dozens of times and spent days and weekends head scratching getting the f'ing thing working, I've got some links that I can share with you.

Anyway, I'd go for a reinstall.

If you can, back up your databases from within XBMC, as that's the main pain in the arse after a reinstall, the re-scraping all the info.

For the basic XBMC install on mininmal - go here.

By following those two guides, you'll be up and running in about 30 mins.
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Acer Revo 3600 Linux 100% CPU on idle00