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Help picking a system.
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I'm new to XBMC. I'm amazed. I want.

I currently have an Argosy media player with 1.5 TB HD and started to digitize my entire video library. The user interface sucks.

From what I can surmise, I need a barebone PC system to run XBMC and connect it to my projector. Unfortunately, it only takes component inputs (long story). I assume I can buy an HDMI to component cable.

Can one of you experts please point me to a good reasonably priced barebone system that will get me on the right track? I need a system that has hdmi out and optical out for audio.

Then I can assume that I can transfer my files to a new hard drive and sell the Argosy.

Thanks in advance for advice.
If you can live without the Optical Out connector the Acer Revo 3600 works well and is pretty cheap.

simplest way imo...get a Nvidia ion system Smile


then use one of the guides here on the forum to set up and use dualboot with win7 if you must Smile

should also be guides about remotes here on the forums if you search Smile
I use the PS3 bluetooth keyboard atm from Logitech since I dualboot mine.
What are opinions about this one:
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Spaceman Wrote:I assume I can buy an HDMI to component cable.

This is a bad assumption, rightHuh
Google "hdmi to component" and you find expensive things like these things here:
approx $200 and up for a box to do this, not just a cable.

You can get a dvi to component cable or adapter however, though I assume this requires that the DVI signal include the analog signal not just the digital signal, and I'm not sure which video cards do this.

I'm using HDMI from my PS3 to my projector (epson 8100), but VGA from my atom-based XBMC machine (soon to have CrystalHD I hope). Gotta love the big picture.
Still haven't found a good system.

Can't anyone help me out?

I do have an original Xbox and have read about the XBMC mod. Is that the way to go?
Any PC that you will find or even build will 99% of the time need an add in video card to get component out. Something like these;
9400 -
8400 -
7900 -
It used to be more common but now they just stick hdmi on there and drop the probably more expensive and more troublesome to setup component video adapter.
DON'T get the 7900, no VDPAU/DXVA support

the other two cards would be ideal, both have analog converter chips and do component out via the provided adapter, you should get an amazing 720p output and decoding performance with these. but keep in mind that the 9400 GT isn't really the better choice over the 8400 GS as the 9400 GT (G96 core) can only do feature set A while the 8400 GS (G98 core) can do feature set B and is more equivalent to the Ion. don't ask why, nvidia is a little strange when rebranding their old cores...

it's a shame you can't get the ASUS EN8400GS SILENT anymore, had a massive heatsink and was completely silent

btw for a complete list that everybody should have checked before going out and buying HTPC components, check out

and when you have an HDMI input, just buy any passively cooled G210 card Wink
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Help picking a system.00