New TV Animation
So, I love the countdown animation. However, I just don't think it fits with all the different sections - TV, Programs, Settings, etc all need different animations.
This being the case, I modified it:

If you guys are interested at all, I'll include the pngs I used and show you the code. I plan on doing different animations for each section.

Also, I'm going to take out the curtains altogether. Just haven't gotten around to it yet
Seems like a good idea. Although i don't quite like the sample, but i can do something along the lines of having the curtains opening to like a big LCD hung on the wall with an animation on the tv like it's turning on or something like that. And maybe for the music, doing something like the curtain's opening up to a concert with a lot of people or something. Does your code allow different animations for each separately? (IE-Movies still has the countdown, TV has it's own, etc.). Sharpe is the coder, and i do graphics and images. This seems like a good idea to implement though, it makes sense to have separate ones for each that match that.
Well, the code now assigns the animation to a certain button (21). What I did was to create a new animation and assign it to 22. Then I replaced ever instance of any TV part using 21 with 22. Movies, Programs, etc still had the countdown effect, while TV had it's own. I pointed 22 to a new folder with the pngs, and it did the rest. The pngs can be changed completely, or the animation can be changed. I chose the couple changing channels because that was the icon for the TV section by default. New code could easily be created for each section.

Everything I did was based completely on what Sharpe did - and I hope he's okay with me modifying it Wink
Modify away - I'll be interested to see what else you come up with.
Me too. This seems like something that would make a nice addition. That's what i am talking about with this theme. The openness when it comes to new idea's. Sharpe is VERY open to include new idea's.
Thanks for the encouragement guys! For those interested, here's the code modifications. Like I said, it's just Sharpe's code replicated and a few things changed.

All of this is in the home.xml

add this after the "Countdown animation"
[HTML]<control type="multiimage">
<description>Countdown animation TV</description>
<animation effect="fade" time="1000">WindowOpen</animation>
<visible>!Skin.HasSetting(Default Wallpaper)</visible>

add this after the "Countdown Activator"
[HTML]<control type="button" id="22">
<description>Countdown Activator TV</description>

Then I simply went through and changed any SetFocus(21) involving TV sections to SetFocus(22). I based this on the <icon> and <thumb> fields - anytime I saw "watch tv.png" I knew that it could be no other section than TV.
For instance:
[HTML]<item id="6">
<icon>watch tv.png</icon>
<thumb>watch tv.png</thumb>

This is the first coding I've ever done, and I think it turned out pretty well. The image that appears behind the curtains can be changed by adding a new folder in the images folder and naming it "countdown TV"
i am always into encouraments. its really a logical idea to implement. sharpe is always open and kind as well with new ideas. thats why i havent stayed with anything else out there since pm3 is because this skin is pretty much community tailored, luckily sharpe is such a great skinner or it wouldn't be as great as it is. idea's are great and all, and graphics are sweet, but it's nothing without someone that can make it all happen. and people like you that are also willing to help and share your findings and code is always nice and welcomed. keep up the good work and keep us posted.
Good stuff jbor613 - you've come up with a good concept I'll take a look at what you've done and see if I can expand on it.

/High fives djdafreund - hope you're well bud
Going well mate!! Hope you had a good holiday. And wishing 2010 goes MUCH better!!! 4 degree's the past few days here. Brrrrr!!! Haha. And buisier now it seems now that we got a thread and official skin section on the site. X-S has been sorta dead for a while now. So this is much better fitting on the official main forum now instead.

Oh yeah, when you add this, just duplicate the animation folder for starters (the new tv folder) that way when i finish the new tv animation sequence, everything coding will be done already. We'll tweak how many frames we'll use as well if needed. Maybe more then what we've been using for movies. Depending on how it looks. I want it to look right obviously.
I like the standard opening (countdown), becaus its simple and it does what it should..
In my point of view people could get really crazy if they would see your sofa animation hundreds of times... Smile

BTW: How did you turn your skin from red to green ?

Edit: @author of this mod: I really like your skin, its better than aeon stark on his own way.., Could you tell me if it is possible to create a new menu point in the main menu (Where i can find video, movie, pictures, setttings etc.) for example "Movie Collections" or "Cartoons" ?
ubuntuf4n Wrote:....Edit: @author of this mod: I really like your skin, its better than aeon stark on his own way.., Could you tell me if it is possible to create a new menu point in the main menu (Where i can find video, movie, pictures, setttings etc.) for example "Movie Collections" or "Cartoons" ?

Hello ubuntuf4n - yes adding a few of your own custom home menu items and also making better use of your own scripts is something I plan on implementing next on the list.

Until then the other way to do it would be to add your link to favourites which you can access from the home menu.

I would really like to see a custom home menu screen.
BTW: is there a workaround or something ,which i can use for creating a custom home menu item on all available skins ?
Maybe by modifying/copy an existing menu item ?

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