[REQUEST] VBS TV plugin?
Is there any plugin for VBS TV?
For example, this video link:http://www.vbs.tv/watch/toxic/toxic-linfen-china
Oh man, that would be so sweet if I could watch VBS on XBMC.
But I don't think it will happen very soon unless you write it =)
That would be awesome. There is a ton of good content on VBS.tv and the videos run really choppy within a web browser on even somewhat slow PCs.

One problem I could foresee is that some videos are streamed as one big file (which can be grabbed with software like Replay Media Catcher) while others are many small FLV files pieced together.

Here's one that's many small files:


Here's one that's a single big file:

I know someone who has been investigating this. It has some magic naming used for making the final Playpath for the rtmp connection. That would need to be ported to python. Also they encrypt their smil files and that would also need to be ported to python. I am not sure the status. Maybe he will pop into the thread. It seems to have some really interesting content.

Cptmarginal: that is easy to handle multi segment videos. You just need to prefix 'stack://' and double commas in the each URL and then separate the segments by ' , '. XBMC will treat it as a single video.
Thanks for the reply; I hope things work out on this.

Spike Jonze is involved with the creation of VBS, which is probably why they have such interesting shows. The Vice Guide to Travel is amazing
I've been working on this. I'm able to generate the filenames; right now I'm just working on decrypting the XML playlist files in python only. Once that's figured out, I should have everything I need to finish it. I've been making decent progress, but slowly. If anyone has experience with Python cryptography, I could use some help on a few things. Otherwise, I'll update if there's any new information.
Hey maruchan, were you able to parse the XML playlist?
Yes, I've got a fully working plug-in with a major catch. Some videos are one long video, which work fine. Other videos are split up into multiple tiny chunks. It's possible to put these chunks into a playlist or use stack:// to play them back, but it isn't seamless—each new clip that starts needs to buffer. So when you have 40 files, each 3-20 seconds long, that keep buffering every 3-20 seconds when a new one starts to play, it gets annoying real fast.

The official player pre-buffers each file and seamlessly plays them back to back; XBMC doesn't have this ability.
Good enough for me, can I help test it?
hello maruchan. Great to see that someone is trying to make it work!! Did you get that buffer issue fixed? I would also like to help it test is that is possible.
No, the buffer issue is because XBMC lacks the feature for gapless video playback. Until one of the devs takes an interest in adding it, there's no way around it. However, if you're still interested in trying out the plugin, you can grab it from my repo:


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