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During video playback OSD options
Hi all,

First of please excuse this question if it has already been covered, my search fu is perhaps not so strong today!

I'm a long term xbox1 user that has recently migrated over to an ASRock Ion based platform running XBMC Live 9.11 Camelot.

My question is, with just the MCE remote to control the system, how do I get the option buttons for video/audio/subtitle etc settings up during playback? I've got a virtual machine running which I've been able to use to see that the buttons exist on the 'information' panel when a mouse is dragged over, but I can't work out how to navigate to them by remote!

Any help is very much appreciated,

hold for several seconds PLAY or MENU button?
Use the enter/select button on your remote to display those options.
Yep enter at the bottom of the MCE remote brings up those options, and the clear button in the same place also acts as the Esc key.
Thanks for all your replies so far.

Sorry I should have mentioned i'm using X3lectric's forum post config file for the remote which seems to have a lot of different mappings to your suggestions.

For example, 'ENTER' at the bottom below the numberpad changes aspect ratio whilst 'CLEAR' does nothing for me.

grey, which one do you mean as being the 'menu' button? I've linked to an image for reference... Image
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During video playback OSD options00