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Problem scraping episode, dvd order.
I'm in over my head trying to figure this out. I'm trying to scrape the show Arrested Development with I have my video files in the system organised by the order on the DVD, which includes a Pilot episode (located in the Season 01 folder) and an Extended Pilot episode (located in the Season 00 folder). Somehow, either XBMC or website seems to pick up the Season 01 episode and mislabels it as the Extended Pilot, while ignoring the actual extended pilot episode.

In my advancedsettings.xml:
      <regexp>Season[\._ ]([0-9]+)[\\/]([0-9]+)[^\\/]*</regexp>
      <regexp>Season ([0-9]{2}).*[\\/].*[-_ p.]([0-9]{2})[-_ (v.\[]([0-9]{2})?[^\]\\/]*</regexp>


Problem scraping episode, dvd order.00