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[WIP] XBMC + Spotify = True (an XBMC implementation that uses Spotify's official API)
SpotyXBMC2 adds spotify content to the regular music categories under the music section, do not try to run the addon, its only there for settings!

A valid spotify premium account is required.

A video showing most of the features can be seen here.

Current features:

  • Starred tracks, albums and artists will show up in the songs, albums and artists sections alongside the local music.
  • Spotify playlists shows up in the playlist section.
  • The normal music search will return local music and spotify search result.
  • Top 100 spotify lists with artists, albums and tracks is available in the top 100 section.
  • Modifying playlists and star/unstar items in the spotify client will result in that the lists is updated in XBMC.
  • Multi-disc albums are split up into separate albums with suffix "disc #".
  • Browsing artist albums will provide a "similar artists" folder with spotify similar artists.
  • Navigate to the album artist from an album or to the artist or album from a track using the context menu.
  • Star/unstar albums and tracks from within XBMC using the context menu.
  • The settings is changed from within a built-in addon.
  • Two spotify "radios" is provided int the music root, visit the settings to set name, years and genres.
  • Top-lists will update once every 24 hour.

Source and instructions can be found here:

Thanks to Tompen a version of OpenElec with spotyXBMC2 integration is available. Read about it here.

Please note that I'm not in any way related to or representing spotify and that the main goal with this project is to provide spotify music to my own media center.

/David Erenger
Great job there Akezeke!

I can't wait for the finished (more or less) product! MEE WAAANT!

i sure hope this is legal Big Grin otherwise it wont make it into official releases (not a huge problem Smile )
amazing work man!
I've been waiting for this feature for a long time.
I was almost ready to develop it my self.
By the way, if i can help in any way just tell me (i'm a java programmer but i could learn quickly how to program in python)
Thanks again!
Thumbs Up 
That is awesome, can't wait for the source... Big Grin Been waiting for this since Spotify was launched, great initiative!
wow, that's awesome.
looks good
Great work!

Do you have any plans to integrate spotify playlists?
my guess is it only runs on linux, require premium account?
blittan Wrote:my guess is it only runs on linux, require premium account?

"require premium account"

Isn't this a requirement for every plugin/extension out there for Spotify when not using the standard client?
there are ways of controlling the free spotify client, but it would be limited.
This is incredible! Great work.
Thumbs up!

Edit: nm
Nice work! :-)
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[WIP] XBMC + Spotify = True (an XBMC implementation that uses Spotify's official API)10
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