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xTV library mode wrapview fanart mod

I modded the xTV library mode wrap view with the inspiration from "slide view" in the great focus skin.

To see the fanart background, a skin setting needs to be enabled:
(System, Skin settings, Background, Enable "Show Fanart in Library")

This mod have only been implemented for 16x9 resolution.

The fanart background image is unloaded when starting video player. This was implemented to save
memory for xbox users. I have this mod running without memory issues on my xbox with 720p 16x9
resolution and fanart enabled.

To install:
Replace the files "includes.xml" and "MyVideoNav.xml" in the PAL folder.
Also replace the file "CommonViewTypes.xml" in the PAL16x9 folder.

You can not have the xTV skin running when you are installing this mod.
You need to temporarily switch to another skin in XBMC.

Download here:



xTV library mode wrapview fanart mod00