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A couple questions about Alaska...
Hi! A couple days ago i installed the alaska skin, which is absolutely awesome..
still, i have a few problems that i was unable to solve.. i hope you'll be able to help me, thank you in advance for your attention.

First problem: I can hide the SETTINGS panel from the home menù, but how do i do to show it afterwards?
I've just done this once (i hid the SETTINGS panel but i had to reinstall xbmc completely, as i was unable to make it reappear).


Second problem: I would like to hide the date and clock from the HOME screen, how can i do it?
This picture should explain the result i want to obtain:


That should be all Shocked
I'll be very grateful and happy for any help\advice you can give..
Thanks! Oo
arktoga Wrote:First problem: I can hide the SETTINGS panel from the home menù, but how do i do to show it afterwards?

As opposed to bringing it back, you can always use the "S" key on your keyboard to bring you to the Settings Menu.
Unbelievably fast and useful answer, thank you !
Or delete the skin and reboot XBMC to let it start using the default skin (if for example you are on an device without a keyboard).
arktoga Wrote:Unbelievably fast and useful

That's what my Wife calls me... Err...

sorry for lame question, but how did you get the menu looking like that ?

only FILM, TV SERIES with such a nice font?

Thank you too elbert!

As for the appearance of my skin, here's what I did:

1) downloaded the black and white color scheme from (cheers to WJWNL who made it)

2) went in settings -> alaska -> home style

3) chosen the home style number 3

4) hidden the panels i didn't need

The font is the base one.
did the same thing, thanks!

one question: when using Home Screen 1 when exiting the Movies list, there was one step exiting and getting to Main Menu.

Using Home Screen 3: i have to make three steps. On first push of MENU button on my remote I am seing [Titles, Year, Actors], them once i press it again i see [Files, TV shows, Recently added movies, etc] menu and only then i get to the main menu...
That's how how it's meant to work so you can access those sections but for Home Style 1 I made it return straight to the Home menu because you can access them from the sub menus.
can I make this changes by myself?

because I really like Home Style 3, but this extra steps make me mad Smile
Add ,return to any you want.
please forgive my ignorance, but can you advice me where should i add this?

Look in the Includes.xml for any <onclick> entries and add to the ones you want to use.

PHP Code:

PHP Code:
it worked, thank you!

yet, another question. i've been reading about opensubtitles_osd script, and it needs a kinda skin hack. are you planning on supporting it? imho, really nice thing:
Ok, I solved the other problem i had, but i still would like to remove a couple things from the TV SHOWS section..


Basically, i'd like to remove the "level up" image and link, and remove the votes on the left too..

Any idea on how to do it? Thanks in advance again Big Grin

A couple questions about Alaska...00