[REQUEST] A-drive.com and/or skydrive plugin for XBMC?

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Cool_bombom Offline
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Lightbulb  [REQUEST] A-drive.com and/or skydrive plugin for XBMC?
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i would love to see a support for adrive.com and/or skydrive, so that you could watch your pictures straight from those servers!

many greetings
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ukgovsucks2 Offline
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I second that mate!
Would be soooo handy.
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Syres4me Offline
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Hi, newbie here. I was just wondering if there was a way to access your a windows skydrive using xbmc and play media from it? I've searched the forums and can't seem to find aything on this topic. Thanks.
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layziefj Offline
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Hello all

This would be awesome if this was possible.

The only way I've managed to do it is to install skydrive for PC [Skydrive for your PC Link] (this syncs all your skydrive files on your pc [like dropbox]) and just point to this folder in XBMC.

The only thing is i think this is only available for windows and Mac Os'.

I personally would like to have content streamed from the net instead of taking up space on my HDD.Big Grin
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HenryFord Offline
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Skydrive is easily accessible under Linux as a mounted drive, no need for an addon:

Don't know about adrive though...

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fouad796 Offline
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woukd be nice to have an add-on for Microsoft skydrive

XBMC Fever..
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