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Busy dialog problem [xbox, t3ch rev26941]
I see only a dark rectangle and message "Loading / Please wait !". There is no animation on the left part of the rectangle but there is an empty space there. Is that normal? I checked DialogBusy.xml and I think there sholud be more than rectangle and message...
I didn't skin it because only the xbox uses it and this wasn't meant for the xbox same goes for the gamesaves wndow and the trainer settings window
Thanks for the info. It is high time to change platformWink
Anyway - Confluence is the best skin I have ever used, it is even better than PM3.HD which was my favourite from the beginning.
Oh! i always wondered what was up with that dialog there, it seemed so... unskinned :p
But it runs so nice on my xbox!

Busy dialog problem [xbox, t3ch rev26941]00