[LIVE] Install Firefox Web Browser on XBMC Live and an option to launch it from XBMC?
? Is there any way to run either Firefox or Chrome in XBMC Live installed on hard disk.

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Install Firefox from terminal using this guide.


Install the Launcher plugin for XBMC to launch Firefox. Obviously you will need a keyboard and mouse attached to your HTPC to browse.
Thanks much
I just got firefox working with xbmc live and wanted to write it up because I learned some things along the way. This worked for me but is not guaranteed to work for everyone. There may be better ways to do this that I am unaware of.

1. Get firefox. Enter terminal mode with ctrl-alt F3
sudo apt-get install firefox
I had to do sudo apt-get install update before I could download firefox
2. Make a shortcut directory that xbmc can see
sudo mkdir /home/(your username)/shortcuts
3. make a symlink to this directory for firefox that allows you to run firefox from launcher
ln -s /usr/lib/firefox /home/(your username)/shortcuts/firefox
4. Install launcher
get it from here http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-launcher/downloads/list
use winscp to put in /home/(your username)/.xbmc/plugins/programs
5. Reboot to xbmc and open programs, program plugins, launcher
6. Choose standalone (normal PC executable) and choose firefox from Home folder/shortcuts
7. At application arguments you can hit done. Set title of the launcher as firefox. You can get a firefox thumbnail and add to favorites if you desire.
8. When you open firefox, it may only open in half the screen. You get mouse and keyboard focus by hitting the \ key. You can resize it by dragging or hit f11 for fullscreen toggle. Once you exit firefox you will need to hit the \ key to once again see xbmc fullscreen.
9. One other thing. Installing firefox somehow will ruin your suspend/awake from suspend control by your remote (if you have this working). There is a ticket for this. Basically, under shut down functions, if you see ?0? and ?1? for choices, then you have this issue. For me the following solved it.
sudo apt-get remove policykit-1
sudo apt-get remove devicekit-power

You can see this thread http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65726 for further details regarding this.

Hope this helps.
I've got Live 9.11 on a Acer Revo on HD and it seems that the command:

sudo apt-get install firefox

doesn't work out of the box. I've got the "not found" error. So I've just added the repository key:

sudo apt-key adv –keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com –recv-keys 247510BE

and it works. I did the whole update (I had to do sudo apt-get install update before I could download firefox) before and my box was crashing, so I had to reinstall xbmc.

and for those who want flash and doesn't really know about linux (like me):
sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree

also, this thread show how to fix the sound problem: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=62360

But I've got some annoying problems:

1. When I switch to Firefox, the top left window is at 0,0 and it seems impossible to move it. (It crops the left of web pages for me). So, I was wondering if it was possible to do something about that? I would like to probably setup in a config file the window default size {top: 0; left: 20; height: 1080, width: 1900}

2. When I switch back to XBMC, it seems that the resolution is broken somehow and I need to go play in the settings or just reboot. I mean XBMC takes only 1/8 of the screen in the top left corner.
Hi all,

I have and Acer Revo - Minimal Install of Ubuntu - XBMC Live.
I have set-up the Launcher Plug-in and have installed Firefox.
I have managed to open firefox sucessfully, (which used to open in the top left corner). I have dragged this to full screen and can control it by pressing the "\" key.

When Launcher opens Firefox through the VGA port Firefox looks great.
When Launcher opens Firefox through the HDMI port connected to my TV, Firefox looks like its using the wrong resolution (800x600) All the buttons are MASSIVE!Nerd.... Where as my XBMC is running in full resolution (1080*1900)

My question...
How can I change/increase the resolution of Firefox that has been opened via the Launcher Plugin?

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I have the exact same problem with XBMC and Firefox launched with Launcer1.04 on a flat screen tv with HDMI in both ends.

One strange thing is that when I have XBMC connected to a computer screen (instead of the tv) with a HDMI to DVI adapter from the XBMC to DVI input on the computer screen, the resolution problem dissapears...?!?

Please help me solve this issue before I loose it...
HDMI - Resolution Probs - Resolved...

Further info at Post #624
answer is from Zosky Post #625

Hope this helps...

I have an Acer Revo 3610 with XBMC Live on HDD installed.

I have installed Firefox 3.5 and try to launch the browser with the Launcher Plugin. It works but I am not able to use my mouse or keyboard to navigate or type a url.

Does anybody can help me
Is there like a Live CD out there with it installed already?
I dont know if there is a xbmc live CD distribution.
It would be great also to use the harmony remote for applications.

- Logitech Harmony works great for xbmc
- Starting Firefox works but I have no chance to use keyboard, mouse or remote

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[LIVE] Install Firefox Web Browser on XBMC Live and an option to launch it from XBMC?2
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