Stuck in menu without mouse

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hardcodet Offline
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Hi there

Using the MCE remote, I'm sometimes stuck in the dropdown menus on top, if a selection doesn't close the menu (or if I don't want to select anything). I litereally have to stand up, walk to the htpc and click the right mouse button to leave it. I would have expected the "Back" button to do the job, but it doesn't seem to, at least not with my remote.

That's a bit of a show stopper for me - any advice?
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sandman4sure Offline
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On my harmony it's just the Exit button. Maybe you can change your keymap or something like that?
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Mallet21 Offline
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If you can map keyboard strokes to your remote the {escape} key will get you out of that menu.

It would be nice though if the back button did the same thing.
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