Noobs guide to the osd

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Quote:i see alot of people asking stuff like " how do i change audio streams or subtitle?!?!" . when they are told to use the osd they often have no idea what they are doing. so i put together this guide to aim them in the right direction.

the osd is to help you better enjoy your video experience in xbmc. here ill explain what it can do and how.
first off to get to the osd you must start up a video then press y.
to select a button or bring up a tab press the a button. to exit a tab press the x or back button ( do not press b or it will exit the movie completely). to exit osd press either the y button again or the back button.

[Image: osd.jpg]

1. time elapsed
2.remaining time
3.volume [control with left stick, up and down]
6.skip forwards and backwards
7.fastforward and rewind
8. bookmarks [enables you to store several positions during movie playback so you may return to specific moments at a later date]

[Image: bookmark.jpg]

9. subtitles control
a. delay [move left or right to delay the subtitles +/- 10 seconds]
b. enable [turn subtitles off or on]
c. active [choose which subtitle to use]

[Image: subtitlecontrol.jpg]

10. audio options
a. av delay [move left or right to delay the audio relative to the video , 0.00 is default]
b. audio stream [choose which audio stream to play]

[Image: audiocontrol.jpg]

11. video options
a. slider [move to select certain parts of the video]
b. non-interleaved [enable if your video is badly interleaved (plays stuttered)]
c. no cache [enable or disable]
d. abjust framerate [enables pal users to view nstc video in 25fps or for nstc users to view pal video in 24fps]
e. zoom amount [press left to zoom out or right to zoom in , default zoom amount is 1.0]
f. pixel ratio [ changes the aspect ratio of the pixels, right would make them bigger horizontally, left would make them bigger vertically. default pixel ration is 1.0]
g.brightness [ press left to decrease brightness or right to increase , default is 50]
h. contrast [ press left to decrease contrast or right to increase , default is 50]
i. gama [ press left to decrease or left to inscreae gama , default is 20]
*note* [the zoom and pixel ratio are saved into the "custom" viewmode. viewmodes can be changed by pressing the start button while playing a video.]

[Image: video%20control.jpg]

there you go all the functions explained

edit: some fixes to the guide thanks to jmarshall

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