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[LINUX] Desktop size too large for LCD TV
Hi folks,

My Desktop in Ubuntu is larger than my Samsung T4065F 40 inch LCD TV. The top of the screen is not viewable. I've played around with the Samsung's TV menus and found a menu option called Size, which defaults to "16:9". I can change this setting to "Just Scan", which resizes the screen perfectly. The only problem is that it reverts to"16:9" somewhere around 1/2 hour after setting it to "Just Scan".

Do anyone have any ideas on how I can force the Samsung to stay in the "Just Scan" mode? Otherwise are there any alternative within Ubuntu that would allow me to keep the desktop size set correctly.


You should be investigating why your TV is reverting settings on its own, not looking for half-assed workarounds. Just Scan is THE solution to the overscan problems on Samsung TVs.
You'll find it'll revert to 16:9 if it changes resolution at any other point. Once it stays in the correct res it's normally pretty good. Ofcourse, this means any restart of the computer will break it.

Unfortunately it's a common problem (one of the few thank goodness) with the Samsung tellies. I wonder if there's an IR shortcut for that functionality?

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Thanks for the help. It sounds like a Samsung feature then. Maybe I can find a way to program a remote control macro to fix it with a single keypress.

I don't suppose there is any way to avoid changing resolutions (short of when I reboot), or is that pretty much a fact of life?
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