Weather Bug

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ralob Offline
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Skin r120

Just caught this before I went to bed. Not sure if other sections of the skin are also involved.

Goto weather and settings. Now move your mouse near the part where you can change between standard and weather plus. If you move your mouse around that area (on the right), the window in the middle bops left to right, and the side window pops out as well without it being called. Not sure if this is only for the weather plugin settings screen or other similar screens, but I will take a look tomorrow when I get some time.
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ronie Offline
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i can confirm the issue. it's something that's been around since the start.
i'm not quite happy with how the menu slides in in the Settings section of xbmc, but so far failed to come up with a better solution.

maybe if i'll dig through the xbmc source code i might find a better way.

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