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Get the pageurl when executing "GetDetails"
Is it possible to fetch the url when GetDetails ist running?

GetSearchResults just forwards the content of the html file to GetDetails doesnt it.

But im interested which page it actualy forwarded because there are a lot of relative paths in the html file.

Is it possible?
uhm, you can chain to a diff function in all functions except CreateSearchUrl and GetSearchResults. what you ask don't make one bit of sense to me, so you probably should try to explain it a bit more verbosely.
When I parse the html file in GetDetails I only get the relative path of the images.


The problem is the absolute path differs every time and so I need the url of the absolute path.
if you pass a single html page, the url of that page is available as $$3.
Could't find this information anywhere.

Thanks alot!
that's because it's probably not documented anywhere Smile
scraperxml editor actually shows you a list of buffer contents at the start of the function now in the new Function Creator Node
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Get the pageurl when executing "GetDetails"00