How to use nfo files for movies
I have been using tmdb to scan all of my movies however there are some that don't exist on that site that I would like to use an nfo file and pick up the info from imdb. I have tried creating a nfo file by making a new text document and pasting the movies url from imdb in it and renaming it "movie".nfo and adding it to the same folder, I must be doing somehting wrong. Can someone please explain the easiest way for me to create an nfo file for a movie that is available on imdb?
read the wiki.
I think the best option is to use one of the Media manager programs under the supplemental forum.

You point the app to your movies and it finds all the necessary files you need. You can also pick different fan art and cover art with it too.

I had trouble with scrapers not finding the right movie so I started using one of the programs. I highly recommend using one to organize your collection.
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How to use nfo files for movies00