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What files/folders are on the root of c?
i am curious if anyone has a listing of what is supposed to be on the root of c...
file and directory listings...

when i was trying to get xbmc installed. i copied my xbe and xml to c:\ and also created a skins directory...
when i try and goto xbox live i get a message saying that ms detects a software or hardware modification.....

now yes i am and was a newbie and do not have a backup of c:... however i did not really change anything... other than the listed above.... to which i have removed them....

with no modchip and using the mech assault exploit... will ms ban you?

also is this possibly from the xbox hard drive locked or not locked? if so how do i tell what state my xbox drive is and how do i lock or unlock it?

i am just curious as my xbox live subscription is going to get renewed soon.. and im contemplating on keeping it... i would like to get it running again to determin that.. if i cannot get back online then no i wont renew...

any help greatly appreciated.
i also understand that my questions may be vague and i appreciate all the patience and assistance...

more information to which may be helpful...

1. ms dash works fine
2. xbmc is still on e: and works
3. i have the xbox set to auto login to xbox live (can disable but didnt)
4. if i goto settings, network, connect... all status is fine until it gets to the logging into xbox live part.. then it says.. cannot login to xbox live......

hope someone can hoook me up!!!

does this seem that i am banned? if so how do i tell? is there a number to call? this is a relatively new box and i was told that with the software mod you wont get bannedHuh??

also how do you down rev your version of live or dash so i can have a game update itHuh
yep - you seem to be banned. as far as i know there is no way to play live on any kind of modded system. have a search around the forum for any help from people that may have getten themselves unbanned.
yep if you connect to live with a modded bios loaded (no matter how; modchip or exploit) you get banned.
read the xbmc online-manual, faq and search the forums before posting! do not e-mail the xbmc-team asking for support!
read/follow the forum rules! note! team-xbmc never have and never will host or distribute ms-xdk binaries/executables!
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What files/folders are on the root of c?00