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[MOD] Add an internet browser-button (or any application) to Home-menu (Win7)
t2ffn Wrote:Ok, tried it with internet explorer and still comes back with a windows cannot find C:\Program '.

If I paste the location into Run, it launches firefox, so again, dunno!

I'm having the same problem, I've tried using the the short 8.3 version of the filename and putting the filename in a .bat file and pointing the button to that, it still can't find it.
I've tried, by way of experiment, pointing the button to a program which has no spaces in it's file address and that seems to work fine. Short of re-naming the whole file structure for the program I want, does anyone have any idea?
sgkcem Wrote:I was able to figure it out

Thanks for looking

Would you like to give some information? How did you solve this problem?
If you have a 32 bit WIN OS you need to use: C:\Progra~1\Mozill~1\firefox.exe

If you have a 64 bit WIN OS you need to use: C:\Progra~2\Mozill~1\firefox.exe


<item id="12">


<item id="12">

Peace Out!!!
thanks i used this to setup one in aeon nox skin

a few things are diff

rename favourite 6 to INTERNET in XMBC main menu (aeon nox) - via the settings menu
close xbmc
open C:\Users\Bert02\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.aeon.nox\720p\Includes_MainMenu.xml in wordpad
find this string

this is a direct copy from my file
<include name="CustomMainFav6">
        <item id="23">

change <onclick>XBMC.System.Exec(C:\Users\Bert02\Firefox.exe)</onclick>
with location of exe bat etc

a few things i have found i get the
Quote:windows cannot find error...
if i didnt have the correct lowercase/upper case
i changed the location from the one with spaces but then found the casing to be my problem after it still didnt work
i dont know if you use the quotation marks that it may not be a problem with the spaces "C:\Users\Bert02\Firefox.exe"

[MOD] Add an internet browser-button (or any application) to Home-menu (Win7)21