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Is anyone able to assist. I have just started using the Default skin and wanted to change to Backrow. I went to the download the link Back-Row.rar and tried to direct it to my skins folder of the XBMC Program file however it does not seem to appear. I am not brilliant at this sort of stuff so any assistance wuld be great. Its probably not a terribly difficult thing however I could not see it on the user manual on wiki. Kind regards and yes I love the program. It is far better and fiendlier than WMC on Windows 7 and the clip art etc came through so easily. Ausbren
i am by no way brilliant at this stuff either, but you might want to check to see if the extracted folder actually holds a folder inside it called back row and then in there the skin is located. This happened to me once. in other words. inside the skin folder in xbmc there should be the backrom folder and inside that should be the skin files, not a further backrow folder and then then skins.

hope your brain doesn't hurt too much after reading this.
Thanks for that. I have found the .rar file and from that downloaded BiZipper however I am still not having any luck. Looks like the files are compressed. I am just not sure whether to persist and put a Back-Row folde under the xbmc Program skin folder and then try to unzip th file. There must be an easier way. Kind regards Ausbren
If you use winrar, or winzip (assigned to open rar files), just double click on the rar file. Open up the location where you installed XBMC, and go inside the skins directory. Next, bring up your rar or winzip window you should still have open, left click and hold on the BACK ROW folder that's showing in the window, and just drag it into the skin's directory. Hope this doesn't sound confusing. It's basic rar fundamentals of unzipping, but i'm explaining it as part of the instructions in case your not familiar with unzipping files.
I just want to say thanks to the two of you for your help on this one. I downloaded BTZIPPER to unzip the file and as suggested cut and paste it into the skins folder in XBMC. It worked straight away then. I kicked myself that I could not sort it for myself and sought assistance through the forum and from that was offered both your help. Thanks. Its pretty cool when people can guide others through a process and offer suggestions. It put me on the right track. Kind regards from Australia Nod
No problem mate! Glad it worked, now start enjoying it Smile

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