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[XBOX] How do I fix my mess of dashboards?
Here's what I did to get me to where I'm at now. I followed this guide to softmod and install Evox with Agent Under Fire.

I then used AID disc to install Unleashx on E drive. Then I installed XBMC as a App. What it does is boot straight to Evox and if I want to get to Unleashx I have to go to Launch menu>Apps>Itools>dashboards>Unleashx. Which is inconvenient and is not what I originally wanted. I wanted (at the time) to replace Evox with Unleashx and have it boot first. Now After playing with XBMC I want it to be my default dash.

So what I'm asking is how do I remove Evox and Unleashx and have XBMC as my default dash and have Unleashx as app or secondary dash?

I was thinking of following this guide to restore my Microsoft Dashboard to it's Retail State.

Then use this guide to softmod again.

Then from this point I have no idea how to install XBMC as the default dash.
Maybe there is a easy way to do this without having to go through all that. But this is all I could come up with on my own. I was going to use the stable build XBMC from if it helps any.
download t3ch's build and follow the guide, that's what i did to put xbmc as dash.
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Sorry about the double post I'm new and my first topic did not appear for awhile so I made another. >.< Anyway thanks for the response xbs08 and I'm reading that now but that really doesn't address all my issues and concerns.
Have you read this Agathon:

The XBMC wiki has heaps of useful info.

Thanks! I think I can follow that. So will following the first link to restore my Microsoft Dashboard to it's Retail State and then using the bottom link to softmod again be the best way to remove all 3 dashboards and start a new? This time softmoding to unleashx then following the wiki to set XBMC as the default dash.

For restoring to retail, is it really as simple as downloading and copying the Microsoft files to my xbox's C drive? So this means it's no longer softmoded and the only dashboards are the Microsoft dashboards and I can safely wipe the other partitions to start a new?
That's exactly how I softmodded my Xbox. I don't know about restoring the MS dash though. I'm pretty sure you can just softmod over a softmod with SID so why not just do that?

[XBOX] How do I fix my mess of dashboards?00