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Win Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen
Glenn, thank you very much!
Hi Glenn,

I currently have two different music source folders defined under Kodi. I have my real local music media files (flac, mp3, etc) separate from my
Gmusic stream files. I didn't didn't feel comfortable merging both Music source libraries.
[Image: 2v2tjwk.jpg]

My fanart downloader is able to download fanart for both Kodi Music source folders. However, Yatse is only able to use the local fanart images from the first Kodi music source folder: "D:\Multimedia Files\Music", not, also "D:\Multimedia Files\Gmusic".

Is there any way you could consider enhancing Yatse so it can treat\process all Kodi music source folders the same way? Thanks for your time, as always...
How can I make a skin with larger fonts? It seems that some parts are hardcoded, is that true?
Sorry - busy.

But have made some updates to Yatse 3 Socket. New binaries at Github - same as previous

Started looking at some changes to enable Kodi external player support natively within Yatse - given issues about longevity of dsplayer. (very sad)
Have discovered some partial support of MPC-HC already active - have made some minor changes to support MPC-HC as external player.
Works as per Kodi - yatse buttons/commands function, and playback/pause, fanart changes, nowplaying screen etc all working well.

Need to enable/turn on Web Interface in MPC-HC Options and Listen on standard port 13579.

When enabled - should be able to browse to
http://localhost:13579/status.html - when MPC-HC playing and get info about playing file.

Also as requested have supported two or 20 music sources - will search them all for extrafanart directory.
It does not check for presence of fanart - just the existence of directory - once found directory will use that source for fanart until playback changes.

Will fail if have /Artist/extrafanart/ Directories across multiple sources.
Ideally could have a seperate Kodi Music Source - just for Artist/Extrafanart jpg's

Good luck. Works here - but haven't tested extensively.


On seprate note I notice that the JSON bug in Kodi regarding passing music fanart via JSON appears to be fixed 13 days ago - and should be working in Jarvis Beta4.
This means could change Yatse2 to use the googlemusic fanart/thumb instead of own musicsource fanart - or at least have a option to do so. (if nothing found etc)
Anyone running Jarvis? Interested in this change?
(Haven't made the change to Jarvis myself as yet)


Build 151
- Some changes to support MPC-HC as external player. Need to select and enable web interface in MPC-HC - default port only.
- Need to change Yatse %appdata%/Yatse 3 Socket/Yatse.xml file setting

Build 155
- Further external player support for MPC-HC (so that no additional software required)
- Multiple Music Databases supported for extrafanart location
- Checks for existence of MUSIC SOURCE/Artist/extrafanart directory - if true uses this source.
(NB limited testing)

Build 156
- Some fixes. Hadn't applied the changes to music fanart - only nowplaying screen - now fixed.

Build 160
- Moved Skin to %appdata% where it should be bc of UAC issues
- New Installer to enable above
Hey Glenn,

Thank you for this update. I just installed build 160. Looks good so far. PS: I'm also a bit concerned about the future of DSPlayer.

Yatse is really great, i use it every day. But one thing i can´t figure out: How can i mark a series or a film as favorite? Maybe i´m just to blind to see?
(2015-12-16, 19:13)Jhag Wrote: Hello!

Yatse is really great, i use it every day. But one thing i can´t figure out: How can i mark a series or a film as favorite? Maybe i´m just to blind to see?
Easy mistake to make - but wrong forum
You want

Yatse 3 Socket New Build

Build 170


- Addition of HTTP Send/Http Get ability from within Yatse
- New Settings screen (screen shot)
[Image: 158134m.png]

What does this do?
Well it basically sends HTTP requests from within Yatse2 on these media events if Http_send is enabled.
Idea for any device/automation system that has a Restful API (most seem to)


Kodi can be setup to do something similar with addons/various addons for home automation etc. External Players do not play well with these.

This addition moves that support to within Yatse itself.

Basically setup the Http Send screen/Select Checkbox Http Send.
Enter Username, password for the device you wish to connect to with Http requests
Then for the playback conditions - enter the URL you wish called.
i.e on playback call automation device to turn off lights, run action group of commands etc.etc.

Some issues with Digest Auth - not sure whether working or not. Limited ability to test at my end.
Basic Auth works great!

Build 175

Download File:

[Image: im5q3d.png]

- Added Variable Support to HttpSend - List of Variables in Settings page. Should be self explanatory as to what info they convey.
- Bug fix - wasn't correctly checking Playback Stopped (fixed)


Enables passing of current now Playing data from within url with filename, titles, plot, progress, time etc able to be sent.
With the target being home automation, or online database accepting URLs posts(most do) amongst other options.

The Variables as listed are replaced with the correct now Playing data so that data is passed with the HTTP request.
You can also use multiple Variables in a single URL - to pass Show Title, Season, Episode Number and plot - all within one url.

Usage: (indigo example)
This will pass Title of the Show - to indigo automation in this case. Timing of the url depends on the Httpsend conditions/where this is pasted.

also can be used multiple times with additional text as need

Will send
"Episode number is 1 and plot is blah blah blah etc"

Should try to keep url formatting (replace space with %20 amongst others) Code should escape it out, but won't hurt.

@GlennNZ you should really push a PR to my original repo, Saying no more supported please see ... (your fork) for an up 2 date version.

This would bring you some more exposure too.
Thanks - Welcome to do from your end if easier.
My Repo skills are somewhat lacking.
New Build 180:


- Extra HTTPSend settings screen
Mute Off, Send on MediaType Video(will send once at start of playback),
and MediaType Audio (again will send request once at start of playback)
but more importantly - Power On and Power OFF events)
- Changes to capture Power On (easy to do) and Power Off (marginally harder) Tried to capture all power down events.
- Some Logic changes to empty URLs and malformed URLs. (aborts looking earlier)
- Digest Authorisation - needs testing but hopefully working

[Image: 339srqe.png]

any way to support yatse for plex
Re: Plex
Could consider it.
But probably little point at this stage given Plex (Windows) is moving away from Home Theatre (Kodi based I understand and probably possible to sort out remote connection to) to their new app Media Player - which promises better image & playback.

I'm completely unsure as to whether media player has a web interface or json interface - enabling control and data. It certainly doesn't have the add on in possibilities regarding browsing fanart like Kodi.

I am about to try out yatse, which looks exciting. Two questions:

* Does it support custom nodes?

* Does it allow to play audio to several clients at the same time?

Thanks and merry xmas!
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