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Win Yatse 2 : Open Source Media Center Remote Control App for Touch Screen
Tolriq Wrote:@vinistois : Scrolling is not perfect but it should give feedback, do you have the same effect under video and music or only one ?
I hope V2 will be better for that. But for the moment even if it laggy sometimes it's implemented like you iphone description, with the faster you move your finger the faster the list scroll but you can do left right left right the list should follow.

For the now playing it updates every time there's a change on XBMC side for text data and image and every second if something is playing for progress bar and times.
Can you change the debug option in the config file to true, and send the log file ?

(And of course do you use 1.1.2 ? )

Its the same under music and video. There is just no animation, when you flick, it just 'jumps'. There is no "follow-my-finger" type of movement. Its hard to explain.

The now playing works the first time I go to it. Like if I start a show, and go to now playing, everything is perfect. But if I then go back to the living room and use the remote to skip shows, then go back to YATSE, the now playing is still stuck at the first show, with everything frozen.

I'll get a log for you when I get a chance. Thanks very much!
Quote:(but Windows 7 is the host don't know if directx emulation works under linux).

I have seen an option for VirtualBox that suggests that it does, however, I only have 2 SLI cards with 1gb of RAM on each, running 4 screens at once so I'm not sure I'd have enough video memory to enable DirectX emulation whilst all 4 monitors are running.

I'll give it a try tomorrow - if not, all is not lost, I'll simply get another machine and set Windows up on that. I have a spare nVidia card laying around that is DX9 compatible - I'm sure I'll be able to get something up and running.

I'm not sure which OS to use - I have XP/Vista and 7 (and OSX) all running in seperate VMs (all with the same hardware spec (apart from the mac) - I also run a few websites so I have to make sure that no user will have any odd suprises due to browser/OS).

Win7 was by far the sluggiest, although Vista was a close second.
Lol your house looks like Ali Baba's Cave for any computer addict :p.

Edit : And i forgot : Illustrated WPF by Daniel M. Solis very good book to start WPF Smile i hoped i read it before V1 :p
Ha - you're not wrong. People are amazed when they walk in with me and the door opens automatically and different music starts playing depending on if they are with me or my girlfriend!

I do have a quick question with regards to the way the software works though:

I assume (I haven't been able to load the project into VS for some reason - something about "The application is missing. Projects using this application will not be loaded" - never seen that error before), that you use the xbmc web server API to load songs into a playlist?


(I have been playing ;-) )

How do you know which playlist you are adding the song to?

I have been adding songs to a playlist, then I have to go and tell it which playlist I expect it to play. Short of querying each playlist to see where it went, I can't figure out how to get it to start playing (PlayNext()?? will only play the next song in the current playlist, and I don't know what that is at the time I add the songs - if there is no playlist currently playing the GetCurrentPlaylist() function returns -1 - which I assume is 'error' or 'not playing')

Does any of that make sense?
In current XBMC HTTP api there is only 2 playlist 0 and 1 Smile

For play album i currently use :

Quote: _parent.Request("ClearPlayList(0)");
_parent.Request("AddToPlayListFromDB(songs;idAlbum=" + albumId + ")");

You should start to look at Json RPC that will replace Http API soon Smile
Ahh, ok. I'm getting some odd things happening with a third playlist (2)Huh Still, I suppose I just didn't read the docs properly ;-)

They are planning to use Json? Nice.

That makes a lot of sense - I considered that with my own setup, but initially went with IP client/server as I couldn't create a playlist to play remotely (I need it to be able to play in any room I select from the touchscreen, or phone, or Myth install in any of the three other rooms).

XBMC http api solves this problem, by simply being available at unique addresses, room1:, room2: etc...

I've been playing with WPF today at work a little bit - got quite a way - had spinning forms etc... all working fine.

Got home, installed a VM with Windows XP SP3 in it, got VS on there - go to download the .Net Framework SP1 (as VS keeps crashing when trying to open a xaml file) and it looks like the microsoft site is down.

I will get this up and running and help soon, I promise!
Lol you have time Smile

Read the book i tell before Smile and look at databinding the most power of WPF Smile

I got to implement all i learn recently into my pre alpha V2 Smile And then i'll be glad to have help since a clean basis Smile
Excellent - thank you.

I'm getting on with it quite well to be honest - a few hiccups as when programming C# I'm used to Windows Forms, so a few things have taken me by suprise, but all in all, I'm coming on quite well.
Yes you can do like Winform with WPF Smile

But all the power stay hidden until looking a little more Smile

Things like :
Quote: <Image Margin="0" HorizontalAlignment="Center" VerticalAlignment="Center" Stretch="UniformToFill" SnapsToDevicePixels="True">
<MultiBinding Converter="{x:Static FluidKitTests:CacheImageConverter.Instance}" ConverterParameter="Video\Thumbs">
<Binding Path="Thumb" />
<Binding Path="Api" Source="{StaticResource GlobalData}"/>

Applied to datatemplate inside itempaneltemplate just render this WPF thing marvellous Smile
Yeah, I'm *really* starting to remember why I ditched Windows.

Firstly VS would crash every time I tried to view an xaml file - eventually found a site where a bloke had a fix - M$'s site was unavailable - plenty of links to a fix, and I managed to make one work - sadly I needed some M$ downloading tool, and the site was down so couldn't get it.

Now, I enabled 3d accelleration on my Win7 box, and suddenly it thinks it's not registered. I click the link to register it....and I get a 404.

So...back to XP. I finally get the project to compile - although it compiled fine at work and is the exact same copy, and now no graphics are showing.

Give me Linux any day - I know where I stand and things generally do as they are told ;-)

Life is simply too short to use Windows.
Well your computer is allergic to windows perhaps :p
You should not have put linux on it :p:p:p

But it's strange, for this project i create a XP SP3 VM from scratch, full windows update (install .Net from windows update) , install VS 2008 , dev and everything works like a charm.
...anyway. I've got some stuff working at work, it sort of works here at home as well, apart from it actually doesn't display anything!

It works on my little 900mhz mini-itx, but not very fast so I took it to work to see how it played out and it's not bad.

Here's a quick vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1STJShvYEFg
Did you finally found the problem on your machine about the WPF problem ?
That 3D interface looks slick! I want it Wink
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