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WallStream on videos

I wondering how to add wallstream view when i browsing videos/video plugins.
it success works on movies selection but can find how to get it to videos.

anybody ?
it should be a simple configuration or modification...
i found that new version (1.6) have wallstream on videos,
i just wondering to know how i can port it to previous version (i have done some modifications) ?
You can better port your modifications to newest svn. And have all latest fixes and features.

Here you can also see the changes when,what,where.
Next time you only need to update the files that were changed and always be up to date Wink

But anyway If you still want to add Wallstream in your (old:p) mod
add walstream view to Video.xml and in optionsmenu.xml you need to make the view visible for videos, so you can select the view.

WallStream on videos00