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What do you think of the skin I'm designing?
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:talktohand:  hello, i just registered here to, brand new to the community! nice to meet you all!well i came from the forums at, i posted a topic & poll there :

(this is what the dashboard looks so far)...


if your too lazy to read the above link, its okay! i'll try summarizing it here...i'm in the process of creating a xbox media center skin...i do not know how to code xml, i can only create graphic art, so  i am having someone code xml from my graphic art. there, thats all Wink

at, i got some positive feedback, so i am in the final stages of this skin, and will be sending my final art work to a person who knows how to code xml on wednesday (because i dont know how), and hopefully he will have it done by sunday (1 week from now)...but before i wrap up this skin, i would like some final feedback/suggesitons on the skin from other forums, like you guys. again, i'm sending it to him on wednesday, so if you have any final comments, suggestions, let me know in the next few days! thank you so much guys,

cool!. chrome and shiny is good. please get your xml coder friend to have support for 720p hdtv at least.
:bowdown: yeah, i just got my widescreen hd tv and this skin would be perfect for it... please? :kickass:
yeah looking great Smile

be sure to checkout project mayhem and recreate all the neccesarry graphics
edit: sorry bout the stupid comment,

if this are samples it would be amazing if they get into a skin Smile

some of the scripters should work on it
very nice!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
can't wait for this one to be rleased.. looks great
dashboard 1 looks awesome..
best original skin i seen since project mayhem
keep it coming

dvd video looks good - i wonder what you use for the other sections...

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looks very nice.
however, i think the grey text on a grey background and the white selected button texture will be hard to see on a tv screen.
i could be wrong though...
i like it a lot
very refresshing!
yes, please try to find a skinner that has a vga box or access to hdtv equipment.

this skin will definitely come to its true right in hdtv resolutions. especially with that level of detail.
hey guys! thank you so much for your replies! wow, positive feedback! really apreciate that..

well, i've sent all graphic art to the man who is creating this, so this should be done soon, tops i would give a week in case he's busy...but maybe it'll be done tommorow, i dont know, thanks again for all that feedback, apreciate the compliments and suggestions guys!

What do you think of the skin I'm designing?00