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CrystalHD Status
CyrstalHD Status as of r33035:

Working for most under OSX (and ATV), Linux and Windows (GL and DX).


1) The CrystalHD driver will prevent sleep on OSX and Linux platforms, the OSX driver has power handling disabled until the broadcom code suspend/resume is working again. If you need to sleep, unload the driver.

The current driver/lib/firmware is crystalhd-for-osx-3.6.0 which was tagged at r156. This svn contains both OSX and Linux flavors.

It you are having issues, make sure you include which OS (osx, linux, atvos, etc), dmesg and xbmc.log. And as always latest is NOT a version.

Note: Do NOT use test_video.264 at crystalhd-for-osx for XBMC testing. It's a special file for use with hellobcm.cpp, the driver/lib test app. It contains raw h.264 with no dts/pts timing or audio. XBMC will not play this file.
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