Anime News Network Scraper (Release?)
Thanks for the update, Zarbis.

I can understand why the ANN scraper does not find some TVDB posters. It is because the "Include Alternative Titles..." option is only for the fanart. I did not include this option for the banners/posters since it might put too much stress on TVDB, as there was no way to cache those search pages.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, this just made my life SO much easier, having 600GB of anime was making it a ball buster to get it into xmbc.

THANKS again,

i keep getting this for all my episodes
DEBUG: could not enumerate file smb://[ANBU-AonE]_Naruto_02_[F40F1F44].avi
what do i need to do to make this work ?
I am unable to get the Movie version of this scraper to work. In xbmc it comes up with "Could not download information". The TV Shows version DOES work.

Also if I test both scrapers in ScraperXML Editor it errors with

could not download webpage
Error Returned:
Invalid URI: The URI scheme is not valid.
It displays the following as the search url and when I click validate XML it comes up with error "'=' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ';'. Line 1, position 89."
PHP Code:
figure it out i added
<tvshowmatching action="append">
<regexp> ([0-9]+)</regexp>

now it picks up everything Smile
Abnormal1 Wrote:I am unable to get the Movie version of this scraper to work. In xbmc it comes up with "Could not download information". The TV Shows version DOES work.

Thanks! For some reason one of the <expression/> tag is missing in the movie scraper xml. Looks like I accidentally deleted it at some point. I have uploaded a new version.

I don't use the ScraperXML Editor so I don't know what that error is referring to. The scrapers seems to work correctly in XBMC v9.11.
Thanks for this the Movie version works just fine now.

However when using the tvshow version and some custom regex's it detects the episodes and numbers them in the library but it does not seem to download actual episode names. Is this normal?

What do you mean custom regex? Is the episode name listed on ANN?
Because I do not want to rename all my anime I have custom Regex in Advancedsettings.xml so that xbmc detects each episode number.

Anyway the problem I have seems to be that the scraper detects the episode numbers just fine, but it does not download any episode details including the episode name.

An example is Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, which when I scan in xbmc it detects each episode but the scraper does not seem to download any info. Yet on Anime News Network it has all episode names.

It therefore only displays the episode numbers as follows with out any episode names in library view.

If I use the Anidb scraper it gets the episode names.
Looks like ANN changed their pages' html again. I am updating the TV shows scraper to adapt to this. I hope ANN doesn't do this too often.

Updated. I also noticed TVDB is down when I was testing, and realized the scraper was trying to get the fanart no matter the setting. I think I have fixed it, but can't really test it properly without TVDB first going back up.

It appears to work correctly now that I have tested it with TVDB up.
Thanks for the great scraper, this is exactly what I have been looking for. This is working really well for me after renaming my files. The only issue I am running into is when I am trying to use the "Enable TVDB Episode Details (Using Episode Title Matching)" setting. It will display info for some episodes but not others. I am figuring the reason is that the names don't match from ANN to TVDB exactly. They will have different punctuation or something small like that and will cause the details to not be found. It seems like only about 25% of my shows are being matched to the TVDB shows.

I have also given the AniDB scraper a shot and it works okay but has trouble matching some shows. The TVDB Episode Details work flawless on that though (as long as it finds the show on AniDB) since I think it uses episode number to get the info from the TVDB.

If you have the free time I was wondering if it would be possible to release a version that uses episode number rather than titles for matching (or adds it as another feature that you can disable.) I have been playing around trying to get it to work but my understanding of how the scraper (and reg-ex in general) works is really lacking.
I am not sure matching episode by number will be a useful feature, because in that case people can just use the TVDB scraper instead. I kind of developed this scraper to avoid the weird "season" system on TVDB which does not work well with anime and anime specials. Matching by title allows this scraper to ignore whatever weird order is being used on TVDB.

I will think about this some more but I am not convinced it is needed at this point. Basically, my thinking is: If a show is on ANN but not on TVDB, then there will not be any episode info anyway. If a show is already on TVDB, then the TVDB scraper can be used.

The best thing to do is to edit TVDB or ANN's info so their episode titles match. It is a pretty simple process.
I know where you are coming from. That's why I like this scraper so much. I don't have my stuff organized into seasons like the TVDB has it. Even when using Absolute Order it doesn't like to pick them up. Since making that post I have been generating NFOs and have that working for the episode information that wasn't matching up.

If you use the Absolute Ordering on TVDB is does give the correct episode number to match to. As an example One Piece (very long series) episodes numbers matach if you compare them on TVDB and on ANN. This is the same for the 5 or 6 series that I looked at. I have no clue if that can be used for the scraper though. The AniDB scraper that is posted at the end of the WIP thread seems to use that to match episode information from TVDB.

Regardless this is a good scraper as it is and the best one for anyone with a large anime collection in my opinion. Thanks for the work on this as its greatly appreciated.
First, thanks a lot for the awesome scraper. For me it correctly detected all of my anime, which is cool.

However I do have a little problem I wonder if anyone here can help.

This is the way i structure my directories:

Anime/ShowA/Season 1/Show.A.S01E01.mkv
Anime/ShowA/Season 2/Show.A.~Title~.S02E01.mkv

When I scanned, all of ShowA season 1 and ShowB is correctly laid out, but ShowA season 2 is left out. When I went through the logs, it seems that it could not get results from the scraper for season 2.

What I suspect is that animenewsnetwork does not support in the scraper and instead treats them as different shows? Or I am missing something?

Please help. Cheers.
This scraper follows how AnimeNewsNetwork or other similar anime databases treat different anime season, which basically summarize to the concept that there's no season for anime. Any 2nd or 3rd season for an anime usually has a different official name and is treated as a sequel instead. They are represented as such on ANN.

You could include the season 2 by looking up the new name for it on ANN, and rename the files as season 1 under the new name.

Hope that helps.
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