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Big Grin  Hide Thumbs in List View
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Hi All

Again I'd just like to say I absolutely love XBMC and MediaStream....

I've got this all up and running on an Acer R3600 through my 5.1 Amp and Its amazing. All my media hidden away on a NAS and the easiest simplest GUI for it all in my front room.

So thank you everyone who has helped to put this great project together.

Here's my question ----

When i first enabled MediaStream and went into "Watch your Movies" on the right hand side of the screen only I had the list of Movies, NO Thumb shown at this point, and in the background it would show FanArt for whatever movie I scrolled to.......

I absolutely love this view..... however no matter what I try I cannot get back to this view after accidentally selecting coverflow......

When I say hide thumbs in list - I get these horrible bars across the screen hiding most of my cover art, which I suspect might be by design.

So here is the question - Can anyone tell me how to get back to this half width LIST Bars, or simply reset it back to defaults without having to re-install XBMC? Surely there is a configuration file I can steal from another instance to get this "back to factory"?

I've also got the "Eye" and Ratings shown I'd also like to get rid of....

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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Doesnt matter - I've fixed it. Back to the view I love!!!

Probably a little drastic but I just renamed the /home/user/.xbmc/userdata folder to userdata_fked and a reboot and it looked good as new. After rebulding the library information of course Smile

If anyone knows of a less drastic way of reverting this back I'd love to hear, as I'm sure the GF will end up doing it at some point and I'd like to know how to revert, although I'll probably just take a backup of the folder once its back so I can create a script to revert it.


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Rename/delete guisettings.xml......xbmc and skins will get default settings.Wink
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