How to make "special" TV episodes appear in collection?
Hi all,

Sorry if this question isn't new, but I didn't found anything with search.

This is the deal: I'm running XBMC with Confluence skin (Ubuntu Karmic). I have no problem to build the collection. I have a source with a directory with about 25 TV shows, with as scrapper.
When search for episodes everything works great, but "special" episodes aren't find. These are the only ones that aren't show in collection mode.

I'm talking about episodes like The Old Ball and Chain, Free and The Final Break from Prison Break (after season 4) or like the recaps from Lost (Lost: Final Chapter, Destiny Calls etc.)

So, my question is: there is any way to make these episodes be found when searching for new content?

Thanks in advance!
This isn't a skin issue, but a general XBMC scraping question.

But I believe you name the special as Season 0. Consult the "Specials"on for which is listed as what episode.

For example, The Final Break would be Prison Break, Season 0, Episode 10- or "Prison Break.s0e10"

Hope this helps...
He is correct. Specials are considered season 0.
I was trying following the order (like Prison.Break.S04E25.The.Final.Break). Off course, never worked Rolleyes

And what I do with strange numbers, like Lost: Final Chapter? Should I use S00E58?

I will try S00 as soon I get home.

Thanks again!
Basically, you have to look on to verify how they have the episode listed and name your file accordingly. For episodes like the one you listed, they are typically S0, but to know what Episode they are, the only way to know for sure is to check the site of the scraper you are using. Should work fine once you do that.
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I know it's an old thread, apologies.

I have the same issue (XBMC 9.11, MediaStream skin)

Something doesn't work the way I think it does, basically ... I suspect I have done something dumb.

If I name a special "S0xx-something.avi" and have XBMC scan the folder, using TVDB as the default scraper, the episode does not appear in the TV library. I can browse to it of course (so XBMC saw it, it just didn't believe it).

If I use Ember Media Manager and pre-scan the folder, EMM has no trouble finding the info from TVDB and creating .nfo and posters for the specials.

*Now* if I rescan that directory into the library in XBMC, so it contains the .nfo files and posters in addition to the .avi, XBMC recognises it and a new "Specials" season appears in the appropriate place with the correct entries.

I never actually noticed this before since I generally use EMM to look for posters and fanart etc.

Something I did wrong?

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