[Request] new custom flag
Hi! Im noob, and my english is bad, sorryConfused

Now, Im gonna tell you my request (althoug I prefer you give me the instruccions, or a little idea about the code to use)

- I've got a lot of movies on DVD, with various movies at each DVD, so to identify my dvds, these need a ref. number. I would like to have a new flag (textbox) with this number (maybe I need to modify moviesdb). And I want that this flag appear near the year flag. .... I hope you understand me

- Another thing, Is possible to make a box with the fanart on it just where the trailers are played on?? I would like this too.

- To finish, Why I can't add as a source my dvd? In my opinion this wuold be very useful to organize dvds collections...

Sorry for my english, sorry if I'm asking too much...... and thanks to all of you that answer my questions.

And, of course, thank you to the creator, for this great skin!!Laugh
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[Request] new custom flag00