Raper /Qualar mod - music info screen questions
Is it currently possible in XBMC to configure a skin to display the track information for the entire duration of the song . In Rapier's case, when you first hit tab, the rotating cd, with cover art, track name, album name, track time etc appear..

For example, when i select a song, i would like to jump directly to that screen and remain on the display for the entire duration of track/playlist/album (whatever)..

I have an XBMC instance running in the living room that uses a touch screen, the main use is for a music jukebox.. At the moment, track data is only displayed briefly during track switches, and it then defaults to the useless visualization screens.

Is this a configuration setting? If not, what xml file contains the CDart view, and the duration that it remains on the screen?

I pressed "I" on my keyboard and it stayed on. It also remembered the setting the next time i launched XBMC.
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Raper /Qualar mod - music info screen questions00