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i have my xbox in my ford explorer. i recently (last night) installed xbmc and it's awesome. but i would like to be able to setup an autorun setup. so as soon as i boot the xbox, it starts playing either a playlist, or a specific folder of audio files. i see all these autorun options, but they don't seem to work, or don't do what i'm asking.

any ideas? is there a script help file, that might have a programming guide?
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there is a python script to autostart media/playlists.

please doa search on the forum before starting a new thread and post in the right forum. Wink

read the xbmc online-manual, faq and search the forums before posting! do not e-mail the xbmc-team asking for support!
read/follow the forum rules! note! team-xbmc never have and never will host or distribute ms-xdk binaries/executables!
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