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Just wondering if the below video was ever committed into a standard skin feature? I just recently set my multiimage folders to try it out and they do not transition nicely like the video. They change, but with no transition or fade control.

That was a test where I increased the fade time but the transition is there. Maybe your PC can't handle them all.
My HTPC should be able to handle anything. Let me do a fresh install when I get home and retest. I was just looking over the code and please correct me if I am wrong...

Is it your timeperimage that controls the transition from frame to frame (I see they increase per group)? It seems to be set very high, making each image stay for an extended period, where as the video has them changing quickly.

What does the <includes>custommovieimages</includes> control? I noticed it was not on every frame group. Sorry for the questions....trying out something similiar for a homepage idea.

<control type="multiimage">
<imagepath diffuse="mainmenu/homematte.png" fallback="backdrops/movies.jpg">$INFO[Skin.String(CustomMoviesFolder)]</imagepath>
<visible>Skin.String(CustomMoviesFolder) + !ControlGroup(3410).HasFocus()</visible>

Ah right, I remember now.

Originally there was no difference between each groups timeperimage control meaning they changed at almost the same time (there was a slight delay due to each one getting loaded after the other) but there were complaints about it. Ideally we wanted a set gap between each one but that wasn't possible so that's where the difference is made up in the timeperimage controls.

As for the custommovieimages control, that's used if you've made your own submenu item.

EDIT: For a longer transition between fades change the fadetime (found in the Home_MainMenuIconF include) to 1600.
It looks like home_mainmenuiconF just has image size controls in it. Looks like each muliimage has an equal fade time that could have been placed in that include.

Would having different fade times along with different timeperimage help achieve the transitional affect with a slight gap between the frames?
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