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I was fiddling around with aeon for the first time and found I didn't like some of the restrictions it placed {primarily list only on episodes, and dvd style thumbnails even if the image is a screenshot). I did however like the ability to hit down twice and see a fullscreen fanart view in video/movie, is this possible to add to confluence? Thanks for any answers in advance, and as always thanks to the XBMC team :Laugh
If that would be hard or isn't possible, I hacked together (badly) an image for an alternate, which would take up less space, especially with transparency set on the black backgrounds.

(Forgive the tackiness in my library, I'm new to non xbox versions and my old library wouldn't import from the older version to this new one, and I haven't finished adding everything in yet).
Heres another question, I did some updates which now won't let me start into xbmc, so I did a full reinstall, and fan art isn't an available view.
..........edit and now it is again, the only thing I can come up with is that the library import froze at 95%, either it didnt get the fan art the first time, or it didn't mark it as having any, either works now :confused2:
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