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Latest Version (and Changelog)
Latest: v0.8.8 beta1 on Android Market 2012-03-01

Added: "Play" and "Play trailer" buttons on movie details view are now always visible (thanks purdyk!)
Added: TV Show listing ignores article when sorting (thanks purdyk!)
Fixed: ICS issue that made the app crash with an NPE at startup (thanks jstemmer!)
Fixed: Send text dialog doesn't crash anymore on screen rotation (thanks cg6!)
Fixed: Some more Youtube issues (thanks cancan101!)
Fixed: Minor layout glitches on ICS (thanks the_alien)


v0.8.7 beta1 2011-08-28
Added: Watched videos are filtered if setting is enabled - Thanks Moby!
Added: Wizard for adding hosts.
Added: Actors now have thumbnails where available
Added: "Send text" function that allows using the Android keyboard (find it in the menu of the remote control) - Thanks cg6!
Added: "Shutdown" button to main menu (configurable) - Thanks Mo.Astra!
Fixed: Youtube support in Android should now be working again.
Fixed: Bug when downloading covers and screen was locked
Fixed: Installation on WiFi-only devices
Fixed: Bug in navigation
Fixed: Bug in episode thumbnail handling
Fixed: Bug in eventclient code

v0.8.6 beta1 2011-04-24
Added: Landscape support for "Now playing" screen.
Added: "Now playing" screen should support all kind of poster aspect ratios and device screens and still not look too ugly.
Added: Setting that defines default action for song selection (play vs queue) (thanks Gabor)
Added: Setting to remember last selected tab on library screens (thanks Gabor)
Added: Setting that makes the app autostart on device bootup (thanks Larry_Lobster)
Added: Dharma compatibility (version string gets parsed correctly and therefore more powerful API calls are used).
Added: Batch download for TV episode covers (thanks Gabor)
Fixed: Handeling of .pls and .m3u playlists in file mode (thanks Gabor)
Fixed: Added support for some missing media file types.
Fixed: Poster/cover size of list views should resize correctly on tablets.
Fixed: MIME type problem when using "Share this link" (thanks ximarx).
Fixed: Crash reported by market stats

v0.8.5 beta1 2011-01-21
Added: Better tablet support (not perfect we're getting there)
Added: Gesture mode for remote control
Fixed: Host selection on first install
Fixed: Problems with XBMC using central MySQL database
Fixed: Sorting issues
Fixed: Access to RAR-streamed files

v0.8.4 beta1 2010-09-27
Added: App2SD should now officially be available to all Froyo users.
Added: "Watched" overlay icon for episodes and movies.
Added: Jewel case place holder
Fixed: Some ANRs.

v0.8.3 beta1 2010-07-29
Added: Configurable option for remote control key repeat (thanks smadkins)
Added: TV show details page (thanks Gabor)
Added: Sorting by title, year and rating for TV shows and movies (thanks Gabor)
Fixed: Some ANRs. App should be more stable now (specially for people who navigate rapidly).

v0.8.2 beta1 2010-07-14
Fixed: Some crashes reported by Froyo's market submit feature

v0.8.1 beta1 2010-07-13
Added: Customizable home screen (thanks Anthony).
Fixed: Potentially wrong sort order when queueing songs (thanks Gabor).
Fixed: Wrong rounding in movie ratings (thanks Gabor).
Fixed: Various other bugs

v0.7.1 2010-05-25
Added: In file mode, you can now play and queue whole folders.
Added: Support for new /vfs thumb URLs in recent XBMC builds (>29743)
Fixed: Scroll bar in album view
Fixed: Some graphic quirks

v0.7.0 2010-04-24
Added: TV show library support. Browse by show, season and episode. Details view for shows and episodes.
Added: Remote texture support for HTC Tattoo
Added: Basic integration for XBMC's shiny new JSON-RPC interface. Looking good but still a lot missing. Deactivated by default.
Added: Default cover for "Now playing"
Added: In file mode, added support for playing FLAC and m4a.
Fixed: Rewrote cover download code. Images are now resized smoothely and a recent XBMC build will download 10x faster. Also, it doesn't start downloading thumbs that are still scrolling.
Fixed: Batch cover download should now be faster, eat less memory and crash less. Also you can abort the process and restart it.
Fixed: Crash when closing screen while covers were still downloading
Fixed: Crash on calls from people without image
Fixed: "Hide artists who only appear on compilations" was broken due to change of XBMC's preference setting
Fixed: Remote control GFX was messed for Nexus one
Fixed: Moved WOL port and timeout setting to the host preferences
Fixed: List view brushup
Fixed: Dpad events were too sensitively treated
Fixed: Query issue with old XBMC versions <Camelot (thanks Steve)
Fixed: Long press issues
Fixed: Some NPEs
Fixed: There were still medium sized thumbs showing up instead of small

v0.6.7 2010-03-31
Added: Backend code for TV library (nothing visible yet)
Fixed: NPEs when switching tabs in library mode on hdpi devices
Removed: Android 2.0 support. Droid/Milestone users please update! Other phones aren't concerned (compatibility is still v1.5+).

v0.6.6 2010-03-08
Fixed: Proper list rendering on hdpi devices
Fixed: Some NPEs

v0.6.5 2010-03-07
Fixed: Entering new IP was impossible due to wrong input mask

v0.6.4 2010-03-07
Added: Picture library support
Added: Faster rendering. Specially list views should render faster due to custom views and obsolete inflating.
Added: Progress bar when loading lists
Added: Long-pressing home button will jump back to main screen
Added: Support for connection only if WiFi is enabled
Added: New remote control look
Added: "S" button to remote control (via menu)
Fixed: Default settings
Fixed: Better image compression
Fixed: Lots of code cleanup

v0.6.3 2009-12-20
Added: Readded batch-download
Added: Manual cache purge
Fixed: Bug in host provider
Fixed: Don't download if SD card is full (actually <10% free)
Fixed: Wrong movie covers showing up when downloading
Fixed: No movie covers showing up when coming back from detail screen.
Fixed: Movie posters for those who keep all their movies in one folder display correctly.

v0.6.2 2009-12-18
Added: Switch rapidly between multiple XBMC instances
Added: Hires remote control for Droid users
Changed: Complete refactoring of data, business and presentation with hopefully better error handling.
Fixed: Pressing "play" after having stopped a playlist will resume the playlist (needs some more testing).
Fixed: Some graphical glitches

v0.6.1 2009-11-24
Added: First version of movie library
Added: Batch-download for thumbs (album, movie and actor)
Added: Broadcast implementation (but not yet active - will force you to update to latest XBMC)
Fixed: Beep when changing volume with hardware volume buttons
Fixed: Bug in (Android-)broadcast receiver
Fixed: Some memory leaks, false allocations and some code cleanup

v0.6.0 2009-11-11
Updated: Support for big screens. This was introduced with Android 1.6, so we had to push up the API target one version. Still, Android 1.5 users shouldn't notice the difference as the minium SDK version is still on 1.5. Specially Droid users are welcomed to test the new hires graphics.
Updated: Some icon art design
Added: Empty lists now display a nice message instead of a black screen.
Added: New setting where you can prevent your phone lock the screen. You can apply it either for remote control only or all screens (or disable it completely)
Added: Menus to single lists.
Added: Unmounted or removed SD card will display a note and not download covers
Added: Wake-on-LAN port configurable through preferences
Fixed: Connection issues on first run
Fixed: Link on about page
Fixed: Multipath issue displaying weird folder names
Fixed: Various other smallish bugs
Running XBMC on my HTPC, tablet, phone and pinball machine.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forums before posting. Do NOT e-mail Team-XBMC members asking for support. For troubleshooting and bug reporting, make sure you read this first.
v0.5.15 2009-11-08
Added: Notification bar shows what's playing
Added: Long-press menu for soft keyboard for jumping to letter in lists
Added: Sorting to music library
Added: "Play all songs" in music library's song view. Songs are played in order which they are displayed.
Changed: Nicer icon for file view
Fixed: Some code optimizations
Fixed: Bug where "Now playing" screen would display weird numbers for items > 1h
Removed: Old file view, the new one has now taken over (in video and images)

v0.5.14 2009-11-06
Added: Some more "Playlist screen" logic and brush ups
Fixed: Covers should now be fetched (ccMatrix: Feedback please)
Fixed: Crash when someone called on 1.6
Fixed: The multiple connection timeouts some of you have should be fixed.

v0.5.13 2009-11-05
Fixed: Sliding tabs now work with DPAD.
Fixed: Glitches in sliding tabs where you could move the background images without actually switching tabs
Fixed: Unnecessary cover downloads on empty thumb ID
Fixed: Too long title in "Now playing" doesn't overlap anymore.

v0.5.12 2009-11-04
Added: Doing stuff like queuing will pop a small notification informing what you have just done.
Fixed: Music library is now pretty well tested and bugfixed. Please report anything weird when queuing/playing stuff.

v0.5.11 2009-11-03
Added: Pressing a key on the (hard) keyboard jumps to the letter in music library
Added: Very basic menus to music library views (more to come)
Added: "Play" in music library switches to "Now playing" screen
Added: Larger fast scrollbar handle
Added: Very primitive version of playlist screen. Lots of stuff not working yet, however it should not crash. Status on proper implementation mainly depends on this (
Fixed: Queue and play queries should now be faster and not crash anymore. Please test!
Fixed: Bug in SMS/call notification
Fixed: Sorting is now case insensitive

v0.5.10 2009-10-23
Added: Music Library: Compilations. Test please!
Fixed: Some sliding tab bugs.

v0.5.9 2009-10-22
Fixed: Albums now list even without cover art. Wink

v0.5.8 2009-10-21
Added: "Hide artists who appear only on compilations" (Setting read from XBMC)
Fixed: Album and song listing should now be faster
Fixed: Weird remote-moving-down-bug

v0.5.7 2009-10-21
Fixed: Connection timeout should now be taken account of
Fixed: RAR+ZIP files in file mode would display urlencoded path

v0.5.6 2009-10-16
Added: About screen
Fixed: "Now playing" has basic video support (yes, end time still messed up)

v0.5.5 2009-10-15
Added: Socket timeout now in preferences. Note that this is the RESPONSE timeout, the actual connection timeout is set to 1 second. Set to 0 for infinite timeout.
Added: Pimped up GUI for "Now playing" (screenshots see above)
Added: Debug info in console for HTTP Connection.

v0.5.3 2009-10-13
Fixed: Song covers should now be displayed where available
Fixed: Crash on incoming calls (thanks Mikkle)
Fixed: Play and Queue do it correctly now, not just the first song.
Running XBMC on my HTPC, tablet, phone and pinball machine.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forums before posting. Do NOT e-mail Team-XBMC members asking for support. For troubleshooting and bug reporting, make sure you read this first.
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