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the best practice to check the connection is entering the http://<router ip>:8080 into the browser on your phone. If you do not get the web interface of the xbmc then you have something misconfigured in your router or in apple tv
Quote:the best practice to check the connection is entering the http://<router ip>:8080

For me that address typed into my Asus tablet on my home wifi network accessed my router

I am trying to configure the Remote XBMC on my Asus tablet running Android 3.2.1. and having difficulty. The machine running XBMC is a W7 Home Premium 64 bit and I have found it to be quite difficult to work with insofar as networking is concerned/

The strange thing is that the Asus connected to XBMC with no problem for media shares. It has a feature called "MyNet" and it automatically sees my network devices, to include my PC and XBMC, I even streamed music from XBMC but getting the XBMC remote app configured isnt working.

The 8080 ending to the ip address has me wondering because in XBMC network settings it has the port listed as 80, not 8080. Are they the same thing? I am many things but a network administrator is not one of them.

Could someone lead my dumb *ss by the hand and help a brother out?
I have no problem in using remote app through home wifi, but I want to control my apple tv xbmc on my phone via 3G or through internet without using my home wifi.
use +/- ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓
rocks91; that case you need to enter 80 as port number in the remote control settings
ykhehra1; that is why you need to use the external address received from the internet provider
Thanks for the reply gfoldv,

I've got it connected, or sort of. I can access the music and movies but the remote doesnt work. I disabled the firewall and still nothing.

I hate this W7 64 bit machine, everything is a struggle to network to it.
I accessed my router and there is no port rule for 8080. That is the port I've assigned in XBMC and when I type my IP with 8080 I get into XBMC but it doesnt have its own port forwarding rule.

Here is my rule page of the router:
Then I suppose you need to choose the custom port option and define the 8080 there. For test purpose temporary you can also define the address of your htpc machine in the DMZ host. To see if that works.
Thanks as always for the reply,

So to set up the port use TCP or UDP or both?
To get the library working you need TCP 8080, for the remote control part UDP 9777
Library works as it has since I set it up the first time a day or so ago. The remote not at all. I appreciate the reply but port forwarding 9777 didnt work.

Without a remote that works reliably this is really just television artwork. The display is beautiful but the work-ability is just not there, my wife thinks I'm insane as I've spent days in this chair tweaking and cant get the whole thing to work together.

Maybe back to WD TV, not elegant looking but it works.
New to the Android Remote, and I have a question.

How do I set up XBMC to have the Remote app control more than 1 XBMC instance ??

Is it just a case of changing the PORT number in Network Settings, or do I have to change the EventServer port ??

I have set up multiple instances in the app, but can't have 2 XBMC instances running at the same time with same port number, even though the IP addresses are different, as if I select one instance, the videos play on the other instance.


EDIT: OK, no worries - I changed the username in XBMC and now I can switch between 2 instances.

If there are any better options, please reply though.
Wiki hijack
Great work guys!

Everything works as it should, but I having banner display issues on my Toshiba Thrive (Android v3.2.1). The first couple of banners display normally, but then they get squished to the left side (landscape or portrait mode).

Any tips/ideas please?

105 TV shows

Thank you for working on this.
*edit* sorted now, sorry.
Is there any tablet support coming 4 next version?
Would be nice to have a gui that used bigger screens.
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