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Mouse and Keyboard commands VERY slow
I have tried the install on 2 different machines with the same result. When the program is loaded the menu items cannot be selected easily because neither Mouse nor Keyboard commands respond quickly. The mouse pointer seems to be anywhere except where you point it and the keyboard seems not to do anything at all.
AMD dual core, 4Gbt ram. i686 Ubuntu 9.10 64bit
GeForce8400 256mb graphics.
XBMC installed using instructions on wiki here...

I completed the steps up to and including...
"Adding the XBMC Repo"
There were NO problems. Re-booted and ran program. Mouse etc slow.
I have NOT tried the next step
"Adding PPA Keys"

Any offers please?
hi, i had same problem i sokved it doing this:
1. install these drivers if you didnt do that
2. disable vertical sync in XBMC settings
hope it helps Smile

Mouse and Keyboard commands VERY slow00