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Adjustment for Home Screen filmstrip
Wasn't there a mod for this theme where the home screen was simple text down at the bottom of the screen? I love every thing about this skin *other* than the 'film strip' look.

From my personal perspective, it is difficult to always know which button is highlighted... from my eyes, the filmstrip graphic seems to muddle things...

It's a quandary - I LOVE the way this skin actually places emphasis on the fanart - on screens where I can actually SEE the fanart, not have something else covering it up.

But my favorite home screen is the Xperience skin. But that's the ONLY thing I like about the Xperience skin.

So, while I learn enough about XBMC skins to bolt the Xperience home screen onto this skin -- Smile ... I was wondering about the mod for non-film strip graphics...

Yeah we lost some posts with the recent XBMC server problems.

Here's a newly modified Home.xml without the film strip. (It goes in the skin's 720P folder).

Again, thanks for your quick reply.

It is refreshing to see someone *willing* to help with mods. Smile

For benefit of others, here is an example of what I mean by 'fanart emphasis'

First - Confluence

Second - Xperience

And lastly - BackRow (slightly modified for more PLOT space)

The PRIMARY reason I sold my XTreamer media player and switched to XBMC was for the rich graphical experience. Only with the Back Row skin do I get to actually SEE the fanart. Smile
As it fit into this thread:

Would it be possible to get an option for a lower film-strip (main menu).
Just no changes, only the whole filmstrip moved near the bottom.
(Some people have their hdtvs mounted on their wall, so it would be easier to see the menu, without getting neck-pain).

I would like to add that -compared to other skins- the whole filmstrip seems to be a little bit too small.
Can I scale the filmstrip on my own, or do I have to ask for it ? Big Grin
neck strain? really? all jokes aside, i have a 8 foot wide digital projector myself and have never had to move more then just my eyes when looking at upper screen versus lower screen stuff. maybe a switch could be added. most people wanted it in center a while back when we had it on bottom for a change and we moved it back. it doesnt look right being on bottom.
there is currently a skin option to make the strip bigger, but it wont give u as many on screen choices with it bigger, but works fine..
djdafreund Wrote:... maybe a switch could be added...

That would be nice.
I'm not sure if anyone is still using this little home screen mod or not - but I updated it to work with the new home shortcut system. Just replace the Home.xml in the 720p folder with this one.


Thanks, I'll check this mod out...

I also like the way it is in the Night skin with just the word highlighted when in black bar, and larger font. But, I understand personal preferences...
I downloaded Back Row from the skin add-ons option and am using the latest Dharma build (downloaded 31/07/2010). I downloaded the home.xml and replace it in the 720p folder. Doesn't seem to make any difference though ?

Adjustment for Home Screen filmstrip00