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venealis Offline
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xbmc17 Wrote:Agreed, if Confluence had more transparency it would be MUCH nicer. Confluence also has commented code in MusicVisualization.xml that allows fanart as the Visualization while playing music. That's a nice and easy thing to enable, but I wish the black bar at the bottom wasn't so dark, you can barely see the fanart behind it.

I know that in Confluence i've changed line 708 to "clear" for the color diffusee on the "HomeBlade_bottom.png" really looks good to me


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Sarpeidon1701 Offline
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highly interesting skin - mod.

but it has the same bug as "confluence".
A black background on top of home.
in xbox with xbmc 9.04 (the only really stable)
It is possible to fix this?

Thank for you help.

Good day.
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yiarkyiark Offline
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Influence is dead , Coming soon Influence Dharma ...
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slyk2203 Offline
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Hi yiarkyiark,
could you please upload the old version of influence for guys that donĀ“t use dharma? It would be great!

yiarkyiark Wrote:I glad to present you a mod of confluence named Influence.
More transparency, extra menu fully customizable.

Influence v0.1a6.zip

Have fun !

[Image: 1268913863-screenshot001.png]
[Image: 1268997630-screenshot000.png]
[Image: 1268997814-screenshot002.png]
[Image: 1268998048-screenshot004.png]
[Image: 1269002218-screenshot006.png]
[Image: 1269353804-screenshot000.png]
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fmronan Offline
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you can find http://code.google.com/p/influence/downl...p&can=2&q=old influence
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slyk2203 Offline
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fmronan Wrote:you can find http://code.google.com/p/influence/downl...p&can=2&q=old influence
wooow.... it took 2 months to get it ... but thank you very much... Laugh
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