Renaming TV file name options?
Hey guys,

I got some messed up file names for some of my TV shows. Someone had suggested TV Rename, but it only seems to have renamed some of my shows.

For example:

For the show "Andy Richter Controls the Universe", i only have season/episode number - episode title.avi

(i.e. 101 - Pilot.avi)

I don't think TV rename is picking this up

Another example:

For boston legal, i have this for season 1 episode 8:


Is there anything out there that can do renames for these? I have NFO files for all my shows, i woulda thought there'd be a renamer to be able to pick that up.

Or at the very least let me do the renames manually (but not one by one through windows, that'd be annoying).

Are there any options? Or am i missing something in TV Rename that can do this?

Those naming conventions are supported by this script :

Or you could also use Rename Master for bulk renaming without metadata

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Do you know what the "Thank User" button does? :)
I use media renamer and so far it has never let me down.
If your using windows (Best OS there Is) then grab it here
Its easy to use but it does only just rename the files which makes it easier to
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thanks guys, i'll give them a try tonight
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