Hi, I've started with a new skin..
.. but i have to "learn" xbmc skinning again, because there's so much that has changed since my last skin..

here is my first test:


btw i don't have any name for it, yet. any idea?

mfg lixx
looks nice, but isnt that black bar on the bottom driving you :nuts: ?
do you mean the shadow?
no i don't think so, as far as i know, you can't see it on most tv's(or only a small part of it) because they cut it off. i'm not sure but i think this is called falloff .. or something similiar Blush not sure..

but it was the same on my last skin :d

at the moment i have no xbox, so i can't test it :hmm:

mfg lixx
i like it...

would love to see a more "hidden" submenu (maybe no text label) so you could hide things from guests.

also the option to change the programs button to games button since many people only use that for games (like me).

interested to see how the rest turns out. having play/pause/stop/etc controls on the main screen would be cool too.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
some screenshots.. by the time i'll add more screens:


mfg lixx
i like the hidden menu. i'd actuall like to see the weather on the main menu as it seems that is a commonly used feature among the users. i just try to hide the things i do not want "guests" using... like settings, scripts, files ,etc. keeps hands out of the cookie jar Wink

also, on the graphics for the menu itesm (tv, speakers, etc) are those overlays? i always like to replace the ones that come with the skins with my own.

thanks for the nice work and original design... i think people like you will take the creativity of the skins to a higher level!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
hehe.. the menu is hidden because, it's not there, yet :p

i'm going to implement the button bar from jmarshall, one for the "hidden" menu Wink and if it's possible a second for the four main buttons on the home page..

that lets the user define which buttons are there and which not, its also possible to change the order..

mfg lixx
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Hi, I've started with a new skin..00