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Weather App. does not work in XBMC
I'm a new user to this forum and I have trouble getting the
weather application to work. My system is running on Ubuntu, with
XBMC standard installation.

The builtin weather application does not work, I have
tried changing the settings and location, but nothing happens.
The server reads "BUSY" and after 10-20 seconds It goes back again.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?
This maybe a stupid question, but are you sure you have an internet connection? Settings--->info---->network. Do you have an IP address and a confirmed interent connection? Without this, XBMC will not load weather information.
I had the exact same problem.

Reinstalling Ubuntu and XBMC sovled the problem for me.
Weather works perfect now and it finds all locations. You could try that,.

Weather App. does not work in XBMC00