Weather App. does not work in XBMC

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Jason. M Offline
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I'm a new user to this forum and I have trouble getting the
weather application to work. My system is running on Ubuntu, with
XBMC standard installation.

The builtin weather application does not work, I have
tried changing the settings and location, but nothing happens.
The server reads "BUSY" and after 10-20 seconds It goes back again.

Has anyone experienced the same problem?
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DougJ Offline
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This maybe a stupid question, but are you sure you have an internet connection? Settings--->info---->network. Do you have an IP address and a confirmed interent connection? Without this, XBMC will not load weather information.
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dcdemon Offline
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I had the exact same problem.

Reinstalling Ubuntu and XBMC sovled the problem for me.
Weather works perfect now and it finds all locations. You could try that,.
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